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What’s the truth about blogging?

Have you wondered: What’s the truth about blogging? Certainly, you noticed how many personal bloggers exist currently on Instagram profiles descriptions. Are there so many people good at doing this job – blogging and copywriting? Looking at the answer for the question (What’s the truth about blogging?) I decided to start my own blog.

To make sure the answer comes from personal experience I have created a blog.

The intention was that of discovering the inside tricks so that I can share them with those of you interested. There is no way someone can write about blogging without having a blog themselves.

This is a great way to spot a fake blogger. This person says I am a blogger with so much passion & pride. Once you ask them to share the blog link they turn silent.

There is a funny answer I keep getting: my blog is under construction.

Let’s all laugh together about that general answer :).

The truth about blogging

After being annoyed with so many fake bloggers I decided to research. How best to understand something if not to practice it? Thus, I have entered WordPress and made a purchase. What’s the truth about blogging? It takes a few hours to set up your own personal blog.

To start a blog on  WordPress you require less than two hours. I have purchased a hosting account and brainstormed with some naming ideas.

To be honest, the naming got me in a little difficulty, since all the great names I decided to try were taken already. Finally, I went with the classic solution: using my own name.

So, there it was, in less than two hours my own personal blog. For those of you curious, the link to my blog is HERE.

The cost of setting up a blogging career

A domain name would typically cost you around $14.99 / year. Similarly, web hosting would add a cost of $7.99 / month.

What’s the truth about blogging? It will cost a small amount of cash to pay for the initial set up of the blog.

Overall, this is a small investment and it is interesting to do the math before making plans.

It is said that a blogging career will bring cash and notoriety. All that can become your reality, but consider the details.

First, you will invest in the setting up. Secondly, you’ll pay for the graphic design pieces. These are optional, but they add value to the image of a blog.

A name, a logo, font and colors must be decided. With the help of a creative branding expert, you will do that in no time.

In my case, I did all of it on my own and felt discouraged. It takes talent and creativity. I have these qualities but could get a satisfying result.

Which is the key ingredient in blogging?

What’s the truth about blogging? It takes a lot of dedication and inspiration. Certainly, from personal experience, I would say that creativity is a key ingredient in blogging.

Adding content on the blog becomes your daily task. Certainly, not any type of content is quality content.

There is a pressure of being always aware of the latest trends. You should be online for many hours. It is not enough to know the latest trends. You still need to discover a unique and attractive way to introduce these topics to your readers.

Among the tasks of handling the blog is the task of doing research about hot new topics.

Daily dedicating around 4 hours is going to get results. Let’s say you don’t post an article a day.

Even if you post one article per week you need to invest in research and promotion.

Promoting a blog will require your presence on other social media platforms so that people get interested in you. Attracting an audience to the blog is a challenging task at the start of the blogging career.

Visual, audio and written content

What’s the truth about blogging? The written content is only half of the content.

Visual, audio, and written content must be among your priorities as a blogger. Any theme you write about must be supported by a visual representation. Visual makes people enjoy, understand, and discover your content easier.

Certainly, there is no fashion blogger without a strong photo gallery on the blog.

Also, there is no traveling blogger without a cool YouTube channel.

Find out more about some of the best fashion bloggers in the world  HERE.

Getting help for your blog

This article presents my personal journey to creating a blog. Of course, not all of you are going to have the time to get through all the steps on your own.

What’s the truth about blogging? You need professional help to stand out from the thousands of blogs.

Therefore, I recommend getting in touch with a professional design agency.

Growwwise is a digital marketing agency with a focus on design, website creation, and promotion. A professional agency can design the visual for your blog so that it stands out in the crowd.

First, decide on the theme or niche of the blog. Do you prefer fashion blogging?

Or, are you passionate about cooking and want to become a cooking blogger?

Further, create a mood board to get a visual representation of the blog. What would it look and feel like? Colors are very important.

Also, fonts and style. Would you like a colorful young energetic look for your personal blog? Or, you prefer a clean fresh minimal look?

Choose a blogging niche

What’s the truth about blogging? You must discover your niche. The audience will come as long as you are authentic and inspired.

Why do you think people pay bloggers? Because they reach niche audiences and connect with their followers. Starting a fashion blog will be difficult if not impossible to become a world sensation.

Therefore, I invite you to write from personal experience about something you love.

These days it seems that everybody is into nutrition, sport, or fashion blogging.

For sure, there are hundreds of topics you can consider. One good starting point is to think about your hobbies.

What is it that makes you dream for hours? Are you into birds, nails, baking, sailing, or painting?

Each one of these fields can become a theme for your personal blog.


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