Social Media Marketing

In our approach of creating Social Media Marketing Strategies, we pursue Growth.

Your business can get more visible online with our digital marketing agency. We plan a step-by-step campaign. Our team teaches you how to interpret and use the results from the different social platforms.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing there is no template for a strategy that companies worldwide can apply. Each business needs a strategy crafted with clarity for its needs and goals.

Analyze Competitors

First of all, start with awareness on your ideal customers and your existing competition. What do your top 3 competitors all have in common? Consider what you like about their online presence. Is their Facebook page growing visibly? Are they posting interesting and engaging images on Instagram? Rather than getting discouraged, feel certain that there is a niche market out there. You just need to discover your authentic tone of voice.

Continue with choosing the channels and tools to apply the strategy. Create content – this is what we do best! Express your brand using images, words, sounds and videos.

To finish you must allocate the budget and assign roles to track progress.

  1. Setting up a Facebook business page with SEO optimization.
  2. Contact bloggers and promote articles about the benefits of your business.
  3. Setting up a LinkedIn business page with a SEO optimization.
  4. Create a Pinterest board variety about the services you offer.
  5. Set up an Instagram business account and other supporting accounts.
  6. Create a one-month post schedule.
  7. Research content trends and creates content.
  8. Create video presentations for your YouTube Channel. Yes, you need one of those too 
  9. Work with Influencers
  10. Create interviews with key people of your industry
  11. And much more.
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Social Media & Blogging

Package Starting cost at $ 2,200

All social media marketing and management is done directly with your team members.

Our goals are to create consistent follower growth,

to increase brand awareness, and to generate traffic towards your selling platform. The entire content creation effort will maintain brand consistency all over the channels you choose to use.

  • Content creation utilizing Photoshop, graphic designs, etc. w/ mild video editing.
  • 20+ posts per week – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and any popular social media platforms required by the Client.
  • Two extensive blog articles per month focused on industry relevancy, company-specific news, and desired SEO targeting

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