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Reading a text online, on a mobile device, or on a computer screen is completely different than reading a physical magazine or newspaper.

The length of sentences, the keywords, the page arrangement of the content, the title, the tagline, the brand’s name, and so many others must be mastered before posting your content online. Because of the specificities of online writing, there is one new job title every agency has in the team: the copywriter.


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Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services is a special element of success in the online environment. Our digital marketing agency offers copywriting services and many other services. All that happens online starts with good copywriting. Certainly, you noticed how many great brands surprise you with their memorable copy, while other brands just … struggle. No matter the services you need from a digital marketing agency, copywriting is the common element they all use. Whether you create a website, a blog, or simply a LinkedIn business page, you always require words used with excellence.

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Tag line |

ˈtaɡ ˌlīn | noun North American informal a catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising, or the punchline of a joke.
Today, users consume content in huge portions and they get bored fast. You need your brand’s communication to be handled by professional copywriters. You can’t have SEO strategies implemented without making changes in the titles, meta descriptions, and content of your website’s pages. Similarly, it is useless to have great copywriting and pay no attention to SEO work. They go together perfectly and they are necessities, not options.

Affordable Copywriting Services | Award-Winning Agency
/ Starting cost at $450

We usually price the copywriting services depending on the quantity of the demand. To offer you an estimation for a simple presentation website of 5 pages we would ask for $450. This would include Content Creation & SEO Strategies. Each individual page will get the attention of our copywriter and SEO expert. Together they create for your brand authentic and google optimized content. In case you choose to work on independent pages, such as the Home Page, and not the entire website, we analyze and offer an estimation.

Does your Blog need copywriting services?

This is one of the most popular services we are asked to provide.

Blog content must be written in an interesting way for the audience to like it, comment, and share it. This requires an analysis of the trending topics from the industry you are interested in to present on the blog.

The prices start at $45 per article and differ depending on the length of the article needed and the hours needed for researching the topic. The time our experts put in, has a lot to do with the availability of the information online. Similarly, we work to create authentic content, which is not already written on other similar blogs. For customers needing more than one article, we create personalized packages to best serve their requests. This win-win collaboration would allow you to have excellent receivables. Growwwise is proud of offering the best cost and quality package.
Content Writing Services Description Price
Website Copywriting Compelling copy that converts website visitors into customers Starting from $450
Blog Post Writing Informative and engaging blog posts that drive traffic and shares Starting from $45
Social Media Content Customized social media posts that increase engagement and followers Starting from $30 per post
Product Descriptions Customized high-quality, compelling, and engaging product descriptions Starting from $30 per product
Press Releases Professionally written press releases for businesses to gain media coverage Starting from $30 per press release

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