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Abu Dhabi SEO Company
February 16, 2019
What’s the truth about blogging?
What’s the truth about blogging?
February 28, 2019

5 tips for small SEO budget companies


A small SEO budget can be the barrier towards your website’s growth. After talking with many company owners, we noticed that most managers worry about small budgets. Grow Wise is a SEO agency with many satisfied clients on the first page of Google. We develop project for many cities all over the UK: SEO Manchester, SEO London, etc. A small marketing budget means a small SEO budget. These two budgets are connected. The SEO department is part of the marketing department. That will affect your efforts of growing your company’s website.

Similarly, if you have a personal blog, a small SEO budget will make an impact on its growth. Most of times companies invest their marketing budget into paid adds and campaigns. Ads and campaigns are excellent when your budget is not limited. Similarly, don’t confuse brand awareness with making sales.

Which one of these objectives is the real driver when you invest? Think about it for a second, maybe organize an informal meeting with your team. Ask smart out of the box questions.

Are you looking to raise awareness about your brand? Do you want people to know about the benefits of your products or the new collection you launched? Or, you are looking to grow your traffic audience and increase sales? These are different objectives and require different strategies.

Plan and invest – small SEO budget

To make sure the cash you invest has a powerful impact we recommend a strategic investment.

We recommend you choose to work with SEO professionals.

First, create your optimization campaign. Secondly, plan a strategy for long term. Further, verify monthly the progress of your work.

SEO work will take longer time until you will see the results. But, when the results appear your site will grow fantastically.

Pay for campaigns if you have the possibility.

Ads are wonderful if you afford the monthly bills. The moment you stop paying your audience will decrease.

Investing part of the budget in marketing campaigns is a short-term solution.

Of course, it has benefits, but first figure out if you are in the point where that is what your business requires.

What is the solution? We recommend you understand how SEO works and what are its benefits.

This is a great solution for long term strategies. Maybe start with a small SEO budget and see how it is building.


The SEO definition – small SEO budget

“SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website

through organic search engine results.” (MOZ)


With SEO – time is on your side

Search engine optimization takes time and effort. The results of the work appear after minimum six months and we understand how that may seem difficult to accept.

A small SEO budget requires a big investment of working hours. No matter the strategy you choose to adopt, you will need to invest time and work force.

Either on page SEO or off page SEO would require from the marketing team a constant involvement. Our recommendation is that you start with off page SEO. Find a way you can build links with powerful websites and your site starts growing month after month.


Monthly link management

Gain control over the growth of your site with an in-house management, planning and tracking of your links. Or, hire a  SEO company  to do these things for your website (or personal blog).

For small SEO budget companies, you most probably prefer to do it yourself. Start with a small analysis of the current situation. Use free to use website or free SEO tools to analyze.

Create a folder where you organize this information and add personal notes about what you discover.

You could also buy monthly backlinks to have a small use of your available budget. This is a brilliant solution for small SEO budget companies.

Put aside each month a minimum of 25$ – 45$ for backlinks. This is a useful technique used by many companies. Certainly, that is not a large cost and it can to the job.

What costs should you expect?

Building links is a crucial step in growing your Domain Authority. The cost is not a small one, but there are tricks to apply. Consider that you can have a yearly subscription to a press release platform. These are easy to find on google and they are easy to use.

Grow Wise is an expert in SEO optimization and can offer you expert advice on SEO. The cost for a full year subscription starts around 200 EUR. Of course, that amount could be even higher. A cost of working with independent bloggers is small. A beginner blogger will accept to promote you site for less money than a professional one. One article about your company will cost around

A banner added on the blog could be around 400 EUR per year.

This is a great price for a secure investment in SEO. YouTube videos start around 330 EUR per piece. 

Other solutions for a small budget

Similarly, you could invest in a one year long subscription to press release platforms. Consider that a brilliant solution because it is.

You will be surprised with the growth of your site’s authority and rank once these small steps are implemented.

The Grow Wise team  hopes that the content of this blog post will make it easier for you to make the right decision. We hope you have more clarity regarding search optimization.

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