What’s the truth about blogging?
What’s the truth about blogging?
February 28, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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A web graphic designer can create blogging websites as well as presentation websites. To create any type of online platform you would require an entire team. These blogging websites need designers, content creators, SEO experts, web developers, and IT experts. Certainly, the work differs per the client’s demands.

No matter the job we receive from the client, Growwwise is happy to create unique deliverables.

Among the clients we have, there are bloggers. These last years, we have seen an increase in the number of blogging websites.

This type of website is made for individuals who have a passion. The bloggers choose to write, take pictures and discuss their hobbies.

Blogging goes beyond a small interest, into a part-time job. Some bloggers make an awesome income from their blogs. Others struggle with growing their blog traffic. This is where we come into the picture. 

In case you have created a blog and you are not yet happy with its results contact us today.

The work behind a blog is immensely underappreciated. Many people consider that creating a blog is done in no time and with minimum resources.

That may be true, but are you happy with any type of result?

Growwwise – the digital marketing agency


Growwwise has a design team that can create an awesome blog image per your needs. You may need a fresh image for your old blog.

Similarly, you could be thinking of starting a blog and you need a designer’s help. No matter the situation you face, we can support you with a powerful creative team. Thus, we are here for you and together we can create the perfect platform.

First, we discuss your project. What is the vision you have for your blog?

Second, we create a mood board together with the client. Choosing pictures that talk about the feeling of your blog helps the creative process.

Further, we research a theme that is more likely to suit your needs. After selecting 3-4 options for the client we meet to discuss. Of course, we listen to your feedback and create iterations on demand.

Last, we add the creative content the client has created. In case you are passionate about writing, we can support the visual images.

Similarly, in case you need written content, we can offer our services. Depending on your strengths we can come and fill in the rest of the ingredients. Therefore, there is no limit for our creative team in creating blogging websites.

Bloggers are content creators


Why do we say: bloggers are content creators? Your passion is the only thing you should focus on. Focus on your passion and explore its niches. Research, play and create the content you feel more passionate about.

Allow us to design, build, analyze, and manage your blogging website. These two areas should not stop one another. With the help of a creative agency, you can get your blog growing in no time.

Consider the advantage of someone else doing the background jobs. You could invest all your time in doing what you like.

Our team is ready to do the background tasks and make the “engine” run perfectly.

We create blogging websites for any type of niche: food, drinks, fashion, photography, children, animals or plants. Certainly, there is no limit to the imagination of a blogger.

Blogging website versus eCommerce website


There are people who ask about blogging websites many questions. It seems that there is a dilemma between the blogging site versus the e-commerce website.

These are all online platforms. A client in need of an eCommerce website will need a certain type of help from us. A blog project is a different type of job. Certainly, a professional team of designers can satisfy both jobs.

A good creative agency will have no problem delivering your blogging website. Blogging requires more focus on authenticity and creativity. The images, colors, and video are important elements to focus upon.

Thus, you need a graphic designer to be able to create a blog’s image.

It is not enough to choose a theme and install it. The creation of the blog requires vision, knowhow and skills.

Consider the end goal of the blog. Certainly, you desire huge traffic for the content you share.

Thus, your blog needs to optimize for Google. Find out more about search engine optimization  HERE.


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