How to get real followers on Instagram?
March 3, 2020
How to Create the Perfect Website?
July 28, 2020
How to get real followers on Instagram?
March 3, 2020
How to Create the Perfect Website?
July 28, 2020

There is no secret formula when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Although there are tons of articles and books written on the topic, the more you analyze SEO the greater the challenge it seems.

Take it one day at a time. Simple and incremental steps are a sure way to achieve success. The same formula applies to an SEO-optimized website.

Create a strategy and start applying it today. Do you want to increase traffic on the website? Great. On a weekly basis create long quality articles for your blog.

It is essential to keep doing it for at least 12 months. You will see results, and you will be impressed. The power of daily steps towards a great website is unbelievable. Start applying these tips we present below. Your website analytics will increase month after month.

SEO basics – SEO Tips

Here are some SEO Tips offered by the SEO digital agency Growwwise. First of all, you must understand your readers. These days, people use mobile devices to consume written and visual content.

Many brands have been paying attention to mobile optimization. It seems like visual content is easier to optimize because it is obvious when it doesn’t make a good impression.

What about written content? It is completely different to read from a small screen of a smartphone than to read from a computer. The text, sentences, and words need to be adjusted for mobile readers.

Read an article from your website on your desktop. Now, read the same article from your phone. You will notice that longer fragments of text get too complicated. It is difficult to follow long sentences on a small screen. Although phones today have larger screens, you may need to optimize your older articles.

Mobile optimization versus desktop optimization

Mobile optimization takes time, but it’s worth it. Your attention to detail will make a difference. Website visitors tend to scroll to older articles when they find a website they like. In case your current content is better than the older articles, it is time to optimize.

Don’t think of it as if it is time wasted. Invest 2-3 weeks of your free time into optimizing the older articles of your blog. Search engines will appreciate your work.

If you want people to read your content, it must be easy to read. This will make it easier for people to consume your content. First of all, a huge part of creating optimized content has to do with readability.

The plugin you choose for your website’s SEO will most probably offer a readability check. Start from there and analyze your written content. In case this sounds too complicated, you can always turn to the services of an SEO specialist or an agency’s help.

SEO copywriting tips

We often hear that content is the key to great results in search engine optimization. That makes total sense if you consider it. Great informative content will get your website visitors happy and eager to read more. This is a natural way to create a community around your brand.

It does take time and effort to create unique content. See our content creation service page for more information on the topic. Consider that a blog post on your website is similar to an opportunity to reaching out to potential clients.

Do your best to create short sentences. Rich and meaningful articles get the people to share the content and come back for more. This is why your attention to content creation should be extra big.

SEO copywriting must always focus on the target audience. What is the age and what are the needs of this audience? In case you have a cooking blog, your content is aimed at food lovers.

A great inspiration for a blog writer is the following article How to Write Title Tags Your Audience Can’t Resist + 5 Great Examples . Let us know in the comments what articles or books inspire you.

Consider on-page optimization for the blog

In case your blog is about video games, your content is aimed at gamers. You can probably understand the differences in language between food lovers and gamers. Use the correct form of language for your audience. Furthermore, focus on writing small paragraphs, discussing clear ideas, using short sentences. These are all part of good-quality SEO copywriting.

In the process of creating the blog post, remember about on-page optimization. Add the correct H1, H2, title and meta description because that will save you time. A helpful article on meta descriptions is the following: What Is a Meta Description And How To Write One Your Audience Can’t Resist + 5 Great Meta Description Examples 

SEO transition words – SEO Tips

Readability has a lot to do with transition words. Therefore, words used in building enumerations, comparisons, or conclusions are going to increase the reader’s flow of consuming the text. You can see our blog post dedicated to transition words for a longer list.

RelationExample of transition words
Enumerationfirst of all, also, another, furthermore, finally
Causebecause, so, due to, for the reason that
Comparison/contrastsimilarly, likewise, rather, while, in contrast
Conclusionas a result, hence, consequently, therefore
Fuzzy signalsseems like, maybe, probably, almost
Emphasisabove all, most noteworthy, certainly, even more

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy – SEO Tips

To recap the tips we provide in this article:

  • understand your readers
  • use simple short words
  • use transition words
  • write short sentences
  • use small paragraphs
  • avoid starting more than three sentences with the same letter
  • break the text using subtitles

Avoid long difficult words where possible. Remember that reading from a screen is harder for everyone. Words with four or more syllables are considered difficult to read. Think of your audience and use a vocabulary that is easy to understand.

Sentences starting with the same letter are not making the text easier to follow. Try to diversify the composition of your sentences. As an example, we offer the case when we were preparing the About Us article for the website. A wrong way of writing this would be “We are a team of creative people  … We see opportunities in each project… We always find a way to ….”.

The correct way to do it is by sending the same message in a diversified manner. “We are a team of creative people who have experience in online and offline marketing. Each project for us is an opportunity to prove ourselves and to surpass our boundaries. Tell us about your needs and goals and we can find a way to make it happen. ”

Digital Marketing Services – Growwwise

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