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How to get real followers on Instagram?


Ever wondered: How to get real followers on Instagram? I know we have received this question many times from our clients. The truth is that there is no template to follow for solving the dilemma “How to get real followers on Instagram?”.

First of all, consider the significant number of Instagram accounts exiting. It is a great way to get digital marketing awareness for your company. Also, it can help your SEO increase when having many social media channels. At the start of the platform in 2010, not many understood the impact it would have. Since then, we faced a growing interest in the platform.

Second, consider the fact that the amount of content added daily is enormous. From hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos uploaded it is challenging to stand out. We mention these facts so that you understand that you are not the only one struggling with it. Similarly, it is not an easy task that you can achieve overnight.

Creative Content is King

How to get real followers on Instagram? I am creating content by adding new pictures and videos every day. You can do the same thing.

The content you post must be a sample of your creativity. Use your imagination and think outside the box.

Content can be inspired by your daily activities. Furthermore, content can be re-interpreted in different manners. Also, you can re-post content from other accounts that you find inspirational.

There is no limitation in regards to content creation. It is all about your inspiration and artistic mood.

You may think you are not that creative, but for many people, you could be living a fascinating life which they would love to know more about.


Constant Posting is a Must – How to get real followers on Instagram?

How to get real followers on Instagram? The second answer is to stay committed and constant. There is no way you can succeed in having a great Instagram profile without a daily presence. Maybe this sounds too much for your schedule, but it is a necessity.

Even celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram post every day. An example is the Kardashian family. Their activity on Instagram is constant and includes posts several times a day. You may say your time is limited, but we all have busy lives.

The trick is to make parts of your day look exciting and post them on IG. For example, think about the time you spend in traffic or shopping for groceries. These are all possible cool, unique moments your followers appreciate.

What is the minimum quantity you should post? To have impressive traffic and to see growth posts should happen 3-6 times per day. That is not an exaggeration. It is the reality of keeping up with the challenge of being a powerful #igers.

Are you Using the Right Hashtags?

How to get real followers on Instagram? The third answer is to use Hashtags. So many people mentioned they used the “#” but had seen no significant changes.

Of course, the “#” is something you need to research to learn how to master.

You can either go to the search bar in IG. Choose the “tags” area. Type different words and see how many public posts exist with that specific word or expression.

In the present, the word “coffee” has 106 million posts. Therefore, there is a considerable chance that by using the #coffee you will get attention from many users.

Go over the list of words and expressions connected with the area of your passion. Or consider your business and its services and products.

Verify each of the words on the list and keep the ones who have millions of public posts.


Consider getting professional help.

How to get real followers on Instagram? Hire a digital marketing agency to do the work. Many agencies would love to take the challenge of building a solid mass of real followers. Similarly, many ig accounts have page admins with a background in digital marketing.

Growwwise is an agency that can help your Instagram account grow. We have the experience of growing Instagram accounts from zero to 1k in a couple of months. Furthermore, we work with integrity and focus on organic growth. Content creation and strategic planning are our strongest skills.

In case you are interested in a collaboration, we can discuss your Instagram account. We are happy to offer our expertise to grow accounts with real followers on Instagram.

Use your social activities to get real followers.

While many use Instagram for their personal life, others are using it for their business.

How to get real followers on Instagram? For your business, you must create an Instagram business page. Building a business page is a natural process, and we are not getting into that now.

Real followers come from other social media accounts or directly by recommending the IG account to the clients.

Let’s imagine you have a photo studio as a business. Daily, people come in and out.

These clients are happy with their pictures and would love to share on Instagram. Mention the Instagram profile name on your business card or write an announcement in the reception area.

People who come to do business with you will follow and add your #igname as a hashtag.

Don’t stop being authentic

We hope you are going to try these solutions for your Instagram account. Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

How to get real followers on Instagram? Easy! Just allow yourself to be discovered by the world. Post authentic images and share videos from your life.

We promise you that followers will love the real content.

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