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July 13, 2018
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July 25, 2018


Presenting: instagram strategies


GrowWise digital marketing agency in London looks at Instagram strategies and makes predictions. Recently, Instagram announced the introduction of their latest feature “Questions”. This new sticker enables users to pose a question on their Story and receive feedback from their viewers. You can say that the new feature resembles the emoji slider or Polls which you may already be familiar with. Social media experts loved the new feature. Experts will include in their instagram strategies Polls from now on.

The difference is that the users will have the option for longer-form responses. The person posting the question will see the people who offer answers.

Answers aren’t anonymous, and the asker can re-share friends’ answers within their Story, but they’ll appear without the username of the person who sent them.

Understanding how Instagram works

The lack of anonymity for the answers already created some buzz around it, users wanting the feature to keep their privacy. The feature is going to be useful for account owners who have a large follower audience.

The interaction with fans is made easier and many Instagram celebrities are expected to host impromptu AMA (ask me anything) sessions to test and explore the new feature. Instagram strategies are build around the features Instagram launches. Does your brand use them correctly?

In the same time instagram is modifying its e-commerce ad offering to advertisers more power to display products or services. The Collection ads feature is now available to all e-commerce brands globally.

The Shopping Bag icon for Stories is also made available for all brands to use “in their holiday campaigns”.

Instagram’s Collection ads include a carousel format, which lets users browse various products at a time within the main feed, without leaving the app.

The media used within the carousel ad can link to a website or product page to drive purchases.

Instagram strategies – what is new?

“We’ve been testing this solution with brands such as Netshoes, which saw a 6.3% lift in conversions and 42% lower conversion cost when using Collection [ads] compared with other ad formats,” writes Facebook on its business blog.


In a short time-frame we see Instagram launching feature after feature making the fans crazy happy with all these new goodies. The launch of its new long-form video hub, IGTV, had a beautiful impact on the public.

The hub is poised to take on YouTube and Snapchat Discover, reinventing the long-form landscape within a 9:16 frame.


As well as being a feature within the main app, IGTV will roll out as a standalone app for both iOS and Android in the weeks to come. Encouraging a community where everybody is free to explore their path as an online creator, Instagram is showing some serious competition for Youtube Channels.

Instagram offers the individual accessibility to these new features without demanding for a verified business account.

Instagram: One more feature?!

One other new feature that will let your followers see when you’re using the app.

The concept is similar to Facebook Messenger: when someone you follow or have previously messaged with, is “active” in the app, Instagram will show a small green bubble next to their name to let you know that they’re online.

For those of you who care about privacy, instagram added the option to modify the status and disable the activity status. 

The new type of sticker that lets users ask followers for feedback from within their Story; the new IGTV; the activity status or adding new ads features are clear signs that Instagram is here to stay and has more to say in the social apps business industry. 

The world gets smaller – Instagram reaches 1 Billion users

The platform reached 1 billion monthly users (up from 800M in September 2017) thus making Mark Zuckerberg $1.7 billion richer as a result.

Can we blame instagram for stepping further in the business direction? I guess, we can’t.

They are a brilliant fast growing company looking to increase market share and income. Allowing brands to sell on their platform is increasing the income of the company.

Grow Wise is happy to be inspired by their growth strategy. We are happy to use for our clients these new features in our instagram strategies.