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Building a Web design agency in London?

Ever wondered about opening a web design company? There are hundreds of articles online about how to make cash from home. The solution is working as a freelancer in jobs connected to the social media or internet services. Web design is a popular choice.  Therefore, we decided to understands better the pros and cons of choosing the path of starting a business from web design services. We live in the internet and technology era. Therefore, the idea of launching an online web design agency is appealing to more and more people.

Grow Wise looks at the price and process for building a digital marketing agency.

What are the advantages?

The advantages are diverse. Among them we prefer managing your tasks on your own and spending more quality time with your family.  Also we like the benefit of working from any remote location such as your own home, your favorite coffee shop or a beach side hotel. These advantages can make any nine to five professional think about going on his/her own and start a small (or large) business. 

Understanding the needs and desires of the public is a first important step. Consider your location and the businesses operating in your city and those cities around you. Do you live in a small to medium city or a capital city? No matter how talented you and your web design team are you will need to understand the demand of the market and the growth possibilities before making a big career change and a cash investment. 

How to start a Web design agency in London?

It is true we live in the internet era and customers can come from different corners of the world. There are no borders in demand and that is an advantage.  To reach a borderless audience the investment in content, brand awareness and growth campaigns for your business will put a big pressure on your small business.

Start small and plan your steps. Growth must come organically. In baby steps start paying for your brand awareness campaigns. Think about the growth of your company strategically and start local.  Approach companies who can meet face to face you and you team in a physical location for a discussion.

After you create a steady income stream from a couple of local clients, you get a decent number of testimonials and recommendations, than you can approach bigger clients. 

The target audience when building a web design business

Understand the target audience and the potential demand from the public around your area. Think about creating a team which can support the volume of orders you have/ predict having in the first year to market. Decide wether you want to focus on big companies as clients or rather you would like to focus on web design for small business.

The choice of your client’s profile will determine the approach and investment needed to succeed. To reach and connect with a small business you will need a small investment of resources a small team and a decent amount of content of samples of your previous work. On the other hand to reach a big successful company you will need a bigger sized team and an impressive web design portfolio.

Companies who have budgets over 100 K discuss with big renowned agencies and they avoid taking the risk of working with new agencies. Make a clear decision regarding your target customer and work on your company’s image. 

Building your web design team 

On your own it will be difficult, almost impossible to serve customers with a quality service. You need to surround yourself with the best web design team possible. Discuss your plan with your closest circle of friends or colleagues. Share your dream with people who have a similar desire and for partnerships with those people with whom you see yourself spending hours and hours working in a fun relax atmosphere. 

Create a killer web design portfolio

Design a web page and start presenting all the projects you did along the years as a freelancer. This should be easy for you as a professional designer, but remember to spend equal amount of time in creating the web page and promoting the business. You don’t want to put all your energy in one single task. Think about sharing responsibilities with your team members and plan your approach wisely.

Web design portfolio

A web design portfolio will be a must have for your small business. This portfolio is your business card for the world to know and contact you. Focus on presenting the projects you are most proud of. Do you have any awards or magazine interviews or podcast interviews to show to your public? Share all your small victories along the years and create an authentic honest image. From our experience we can testify that being honest and transparent is helping a company grow easily and organically. 

Surround yourself with people who encourage you!

When we first discussed with our families and friends about launching a London web design agency we didn’t encounter only positivity. There are people of different ages and different life experiences who want our best but are scared of going for a big dream.

They are scared and that fear shows in the discussion and advices they were offering us: it’s too big; it can’t work; better stay with your job; are you crazy?; etc.

The reactions of people will never be perfect. The economy or the state of the country, politics or your family status will never be the “perfect” moment to start a business. All these depend on the perspective you have on life. Are you a winner with a winner attitude? Or, are you a scared human being trying to survive each day afraid of dreaming big? 

Grow Wise – solutions

We choose to be fearless and to work on achieving our goals. In case we fail, we are ready to learn the lessons and start again. We ignored the negative vibes and decided to launch the agency after all. It wasn’t a fast process, there are stages of the process which take longer than we anticipated. There are days of work and testing our patience and dedication, but all these lead towards happy moments.

In case you are at the start of this process of opening a web design company contact us. We are happy to share from our journey. Also, we believe that there is enough for everyone to make a fantastic living. We welcome new competition! Also, we are eager to work together to create quality  web design services for small, medium and large organizations. 

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