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August 3, 2018
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September 17, 2018



How do small brands get discovered?

How to create brand awareness using summer time activities? Summer time is a time of holidays and music festivals at an international level. Music festivals grow in popularity year after year. Social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook create a huge buzz around the artists of the moment playing on the largest improvised stages of the world. 

These social media channels also teach us how to create brand awareness. 

Festival lovers are familiar with festivals such as Glastonbury, or Bestival on the Isle of Wight, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Coachella in California or Untold in Romania.

There are millions of fans world wide of these music festivals and the amount of traffic this topic creates is a blessing for brands who want a perfect moment to be discovered. 


How to create brand awareness? 

Become part of the hot topics of the day. It doesn’t matter what your brand sells, almost any brand can have an interesting stand point in a place full of thousands of happy people looking for entertainment. Either you are a media brand such a news paper, magazine, blogger, TV show, a food & drinks brand, a clothing brand or a skin tattoos brand. You get the idea, everyone is welcomed to shine in the fantastic world of music festivals. 

Get your team on the ground, buy tickets to the festival closer to your location and enjoy the promotion of the brand as well as a team-building experience.

Prepare an action plan for the festival days: prepare outfits with the logo of your brand so that you stand out in the crowd, prepare some cool instagram-able give aways, so that these people who receive them will end up taking pictures and posting them online. 

Festival activities – How to create brand awareness?

There are tons of activities and products you can sell or give away to promote your brand. Attend a festival ready to offer people interested in your brand : a brochure, a picture, a small magnet, a T-shirt, a sample, a discount, etc. When our clients ask: How to create brand awareness?

How to make clients become life time brand followers? We offer support and examples of brand awareness campaigns we built. We offer a brand strategy which can achieve an organic growth.

Brand awareness can save a lot of money from your budget. Use the promotion channels such as Facebook and Instagram to talk to the public about the benefits of using your brand. Talk about the pain points your solving for the public. People will love the discussion.

Brand awareness and the brand voice

Festivals fans spend hours in queue for tickets, food, drinks or going to toilet. These are all pain points so start here and answer the question how can we solve the problems of these people and make their experience better by using our brand?

In case the budget allows it, you can open a small shop in the area of the festival and sell products or offer some type of service which people would need and in return as them to take a selfie with your team and share it online.

The opportunities are endless and the expense is small because you will create a nice team building experience with your employees and also expose your brand to thousands of people in a record time. 



Using social media

Music Festivals became such amazing go-to places thanks to social media and digital marketing. Creating a massive point of interest, festival organizers used digital marketing to promote the artists playing in the festivals and to create the “need” for anyone who is cool to be part of the event.

It is easy and cheap to attract people using digital marketing, but the return of investment is far from cheap. So much so that music events in the UK are worth £1.4 billion a year and music festivals alone bring in £1.1 billion to the UK economy.

Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook Live and SnapChat are promoting the festival on an international level and brands are fast to follow with a physical presence so that they can connect easily with thousands of potential clients. 

The collective experience does all the work in convincing festival goers to share the news. An amazing memory photo or video is presented to all friends, family and followers on social media because it is one of a kind and it makes people feel amazing. 


The advantages of Social Media

By now it is obvious that social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter are engaging people and make them faithful users.

Any brand is looking to increase connection, improve communication and create long-lasting relationships with their clients. The way to reach to heart of your clients is to speak their language.

That language is social media and there is no secret about the fact that people are scared of missing out (FOMO – fear of missing out).

Use that in your advantage, reach your clients and offer to solve their needs or demands and you will be growing your brand image and your bottom line in no time.