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August 1, 2018
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August 3, 2018

Personal Branding

Inspired actions to achieve Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a way to become successful. Why is that? Building a personal brand gets awareness out in the public eye. Become popular and you can sell any product or service. Personal Branding must be built on authentic personality traits. Don’t pretend to be a fancy ballet admirer in case you never go see ballet shows. It will never work.

People can tell if you are authentic or not. Build your personal brand using the hobbies and skills you have. It will create an authentic image and you will find that the audience relates easier and faster with you.

A smart idea to exemplify the way you can create a personal brand is learning from celebrities. Some celebrities use their hobbies to promote their personal brand. Personal Branding done correctly will create a positive image about you in the face of the world. We looked at some celebrities who created a personal brand from their passion: reading.

Reading is a popular hobby: use it!

Reading is strongly increasing in popularity, more bookshops are re-designed to look and feel comfortable and friendly to attract readers. The reasons books gain popularity made us research the best book clubs available today. We share our list bellow and we challenge you to share with us in comments or DMs, which are your favorite books and authors?

Reading more usually appears as a New Year’s resolution, but there are many other reasons for people taking reading as a habit. It comes as a challenge to keep pace with what’s going on in the world, the better education you have and the more you invest in yourself, the best chances you will have in life. 

Instagram #s prove people’s love for books

Millions of instagram pictures and a multitude of hashtags are evidence of the love people rediscover for reading, or for showing others their love for books. 

#bookclub 1M posts

#ilovebooks 1.4 M posts

#bookstagrammer 2.2M posts

#bookaddict 3.9 M posts

What are the benefits of reading books? 

1. Mental Stimulation

2. Stress Reduction

3. Knowledge

4. Vocabulary Expansion

5. Memory Improvement

6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

7. Improved Focus and Concentration

8. Better Writing Skills

9. Tranquility

10. Free Entertainment

11. We become More Empathetic    

The book club’s list

Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss opened the book club Belletrist.

Florence Welch opened the book club Between Two Books

Oprah started the book club named Oprah’s Book Club  

Josh Steimle opened the Book Club. Josh describes his passion for reading in a very amusing and impactful manner  “I consume books the way a starving man eats KFC”. 

Tai Lopez opened the book club Book of the Day Club. Tai is always encouraging his followers to focus on their education “Money should be spent on self-improvement more than entertainment”. 

Lena Dunham started the book club lennyletter

Emma Watson opened the book club Our Shared Shelf  

Reese Witherspoon opened the book club RWBookClub

We hope you will try this challenge. We are eager to read the results you see after using your hobbies as tools to increase your image. Personal Branding is easy when you do what you love.

Our agency has experience building personal brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a conversation regarding how to start your Personal Branding.

Good luck!