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September 6, 2021
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October 11, 2021

The beginnings of web design service were marked by the year 1900-1901, with the advent of the Internet and the first websites. The one who laid the foundations of the concept was Tim Bernes who posted the first site – a simplistic site, without special graphics, with a limit of links allowed.

What the web design service entail

This service arose from the need of companies to stand out in the online field, due to the increase in competitiveness. Each stage of setting up a site is a complex one and the companies turn to specialists in the field. There are a number of computer codes used, strategies and related services (content writing, web development, SEO, etc.).

All these lead to the observance of some steps in the realization of the sites. The first step in this regard is to perform a preliminary analysis of the company’s situation and competition. It also takes into account the needs and desires of the client.

Another step involves generating ideas and identifying that idea that adds value and originality. Next is the change of the site structure, of the graphic elements, of the content and the writing of the programming code. The site is also tested and remedied for any programming errors. The last stage aims at launching.

Web design service – essential knowledge

A specialist in the field must have numerous computer skills in order to operate with the various IT programs and tools used. On the other hand, it must have a well-developed aesthetic and artistic sense, a creative and innovative spirit – otherwise only a copy of an existing reality appears – a site without value.

The notions that the specialist juggles are: HTML – this is the basis of web pages, the cornerstone. The CSS program follows, which helps to stylize the pages, and JavaScript allows you to introduce complex elements on a site (maps, graphics, etc.).

Another key notion is given by the information architecture – it allows you to manage the content correctly and adjust the navigation as easily as possible. We can also talk about SEO – search engine optimization to appear in the top of viewers; management of the servers on which these sites are hosted, etc.

Elements of a successful websites

The design represents a set of elements that take into account the contrast, accent, rhyme, texture, color, lines, shapes, images, videos, etc. There are some key elements of a design that every specialist uses. These are color, layout, graphics, fonts, content.

Layout represents the means of arranging various elements (graphics, text, images, advertisements). This element is essential because it allows the user to access the information very easily, without any problems in identifying them. Color is a key element, representing an item of psychological factors that influence a consumer’s behavior. The colors must be pleasant and highlight the information provided not to completely capture it. It has to be a balance.

Graphics on the other hand include branding elements such as logos, photos, clipart, and fonts have the role of marking certain information. The content must be placed carefully, depending on the objectives pursued and the time of its publication. It needs to be optimized for search engines.

The success of web design service

Success is perceived by customers or users subjectively. It depends on how they perceive the experience they had when browsing a site. The ultimate goal of a site must be to maximize customer satisfaction and retention. So, the aces up the sleeve refer to navigation, multimedia, degree of compatibility and technology, interactivity.

Navigation should be as easy as possible, to give the user the opportunity to access what he wants without giving too many clicks – without accessing too many menus. Multimedia elements stimulate the user to access data in a subconscious way and capture his attention.

The compatibility part actually represents the possibility to access a site from several devices and operating systems. Also, the role of technology in the development of a site, in its maintenance is vital – it implies a rich flexibility and adaptability.

The interactive part involves letting users express their opinion and communicate freely. Therefore, the web design service are complex ones that aim to ensure quality traffic and increase the efficiency and productivity of a business.