Looking for SEO services in Bucharest?
November 1, 2021
Link building Romania
January 5, 2022
Looking for SEO services in Bucharest?
November 1, 2021
Link building Romania
January 5, 2022

In the intensifying market competition, only the best SEO expert can put your website at the top of the results list. But how do you know who it is?
Will the money paid to the SEO specialist pay off? Do you get a guarantee that your website will rank first in Google? Do you need an SEO marketing specialist, or you could do it too?
You can find all the answers in this article.

What do we mean by SEO marketing services?

SEO consulting: During the first SEO meeting, our expert gets acquainted with the site and your expectations. It assesses the possibilities and tells you how an SEO project is going. Depending on the size of the page, it is advisable to hold SEO consultations regularly. So continuous customer-expert contact is also ensured.
SEO audit: The first consultation is followed by the first SEO audit. This audit includes a full-fledged SEO analysis prepared by the SEO expert. Based on data from several paid software and many years of SEO experience. In the audit, we describe in detail the errors found and suggestions for their correction. The audit will not only include technical errors, but we will also get an overview of our organic competitors!
SEO strategy: Based on the audit, we learn about major errors, but correcting them does not necessarily result in organic improvement. For organic development, we will need an SEO strategy in which we set priorities, goals, and tools.

Looking for SEO marketing services for your business? Growwwise is happy to help!

Technical SEO: An SEO result can only be achieved if the website is technically sound. Is properly indexed and meets the basic technical requirements for search engine optimization in all respects. During technical SEO, we correct major mistakes.
On-page content development: On-page optimization is when we optimize the content of a website for search intent and relevant keywords. Content development covers a lot of elements. Such as title, description, headings, and image optimization, but internal and external links and UX are also important aspects.
Linkbuilding: In addition to On-site SEO, the other most important SEO tool that can achieve results is link building. If the page is technically OK and the content is keyword optimized. Then one more thing can determine the search engine ranking of our page, the number, and quality of links to it.
If you would like to discuss SEO marketing in more detail, we are looking forward to your call!

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SEO marketing can help to achieve a more optimized website and to rank higher in the Google result list. But if you want to be the best in your industry, is not enough. You need web design not only to attract more visitors but also to position yourself in top results.
Making your website aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time user friendly, makes it Google-approved. This means you have a much higher chances to be in the top search results. By combining web design, technology, and imagination, we help you grow in the age of digital transformation.
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Growwwise is an advertising agency made up of very creative, smart, and open-minded people. We love what we do every day, and we also love challenges! That is why we have worked with brands across the country, around Europe, and the U.S.A.! For us, your business matters as much as ours!
That is why we are specialized in many fields. Such as web design, web development, content marketing, branding, mobile web, SEO, copywriting, and E-commerce.
So whether you have a start-up and need to build up your brand from the ground. Or you just want to freshen up your website to gain more customers. Growwwise is the best place you could be! Whatever it might be, give us a call!