SEO company and the new market
September 2, 2021
SEO services
What is SEO?
September 6, 2021

This relevance of an SEO agency is given by the multiple benefits it brings to each business. It has a very broad character in terms of applicability – many fields of activity. Without the services provided by these agencies, finding common sites, businesses or information on the Internet would be very difficult and restrictive. We would go back to 1990, at the beginning of the optimization.

The role of an SEO agency

SEO or Search Engine Optimization means an independent strategy of online marketing. It consists of a series of elements and tools or related services. This whole optimization process aims at obtaining a better positioning of the sites in the search engine results.

A key element that every SEO agency must take into account is the importance of the search engine in ensuring success. The most commonly used both nationally and globally is Google. It has a very varied series of algorithms and means to test the correctness of these services.

The SEO process is a cyclical one, but it contains new elements generated by the continuous development of theologies. Any SEO agency is aware of this cyclicity but also of the cession of the originality of the whole process. This need is due to very high competition – which has led to the development of a market related to online marketing.

The characteristics of the SEO Services and processes

It is a systematic, dynamic one, fulfilling several functions, such as research-development, analysis and information and control. Another feature is the series of steps that any specialized company follows. We are talking about the market research, the main competitors of the clients and the drawing of some strategies.

After this first action we choose the strategy that fits the needs of the clients and we move on to its implementation. The implementation is done only after studying the site. The last stage refers to the analysis of the results and the generation of reports that will be presented to the clients.

Other related stages refer to the use of related services. These can be those of branding, web development and web design, content writing and copywriting, etc. We also speak as the main characteristics about the ethical or less ethical nature of the actions undertaken by the specialized agencies. That is, white (ethical) and black (illegal) hats.

SEO typology – on-site and off-site

This refers to on-site and off-site SEO, respectively to the classic and holistic one. The first type on page means an organic method of increasing the visibility of a site. This form is a more flexible one, controllable by specialists. Relevant aspects in this case are the titles, meta descriptions, headers, screams, content and images.

Seo off page refers to those indirect actions that aim to achieve better results. Specialists say that it is not just about buying links and involves starting the off-site optimization process.  Another element is given by the presence of blogs

Both methods are used together, separately their power of action is lower. The moment they act together they lead to added value, to maximizing the results obtained by a specialized agency.

Another typology appeared is LOCAL SEO – it is considered the most difficult to execute. Google comes to the aid of companies through a platform called Google my business.

The importance of an SEO agency

In digital marketing, a first advantage is to increase the visibility of a site, the integration of advertising on social media. This advantage is a cyclical one that is perpetuated from user to user.

Another advantage is the increase of the tariff and its qualitative increase, its loyalty. It also leads to a positive increase in the experience that a user feels when browsing the site. It leads to an increase in time spent on a site and the development of strong relationships.

When we talk about the effects it generates on the brand, they are significant. We are talking about strengthening it, increasing recognition and the possibility of rebranding. These SEO services lead to a better navigation on the site, due to the optimization process, its loading is much faster. The costs of these services are much lower than those generated by your own online marketing department. They are offered by specialists in the field.