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March 11, 2019
Why use social media campaigns for marketing your business?
March 18, 2019

The most underestimated powerful tool of promoting a brand is blogging. Many marketers focus on social media campaigns and visual content. Although these are strong, there is one tool that many undervalue.

Growwwise recommends the use of blogging for the benefit of your business.

Continue reading to discover how a blog can influence your business at a very small cost. Having a new website with amazing graphic design will not get your site popular.

Create a website from zero with the support of a professional web development agency. Do not forget that a website (read our article about the perfect website) requires strong promotion to get the traffic you want.

A. Use Branding as a solid foundation


Start with building a brand. First, you must understand how branding works.

In case your project starts from zero you have the chance to do it right. This means that you should start with building a brand and not just a business. A brand will stay in people’s minds.

Similarly, a brand is not going to disappear in case the business fails. You will always have the advantage of using the brands name to start fresh.

Have you ever considered how blog is growing your brand’s awareness? Well, it is simple. By getting involved in blogging you will have a growing fan base interested in your content. This creates a connection between the customer and the brand.

You can hire story tellers (or copywriters) to create written content which is relevant for your target customers.

How does Oprah do it?

A good example is Oprah Winfrey and her online platform The website helps her personal brand grow and keeps an open connection with her fans.

Blogging is an important part of that website. Of course, she is not responsible for the written content daily.

Oprah is a busy woman and doesn’t spend the time to add written content on her blog. What she does, and you could also do, is to hire content writers for the task.

Certainly, you can find a freelancer to create blogging material for your company’s website. You will ask the writer to deliver content one time per week.

Of course, the topics are going to be selected by you and your trusted team members. This way you will be in control of what gets on the blog and to your website visitors.

One advantage is that you will have the time to focus on other matters, while the blog is growing.

B. Increase your SEO with the help of written content

Believe it or not, blogging helps you with the search engine optimization (SEO). Certainly, any SEO professional would advise you to add frequent written content on your site. This is the reason businesses create a blog on their presentation website.

When you get the blog, content updated on a weekly basis you will notice the difference. The traffic will increase in a matter of weeks or months.

An important factor to understand is that timing is crucial for search engine optimization. Using keywords from your niche industry you will create articles on your business’ blog.

In 35 to 40 weeks, articles arrive at their maximum value. Thus, blogging becomes a weapon to use for increasing your domain authority and overall website traffic.

You must apply the power of on-page SEO. To know more about the benefits of on-page SEO read the article of our blog  HERE.

C. Build a connection with your customers

One more positive effect blogging has is that it will create a better connection between your brand and its followers.

Talking about the strengths of your brand should not be a rare opportunity.

You must take the chance and start a blog on your business’ website. You can add articles and interviews with people from the industry.

Similarly, you could add tutorials and answer pressing questions from the consumers of your brand.

A connection with the customers is more than having a PR person doing their job.

Connection means dialogue. Both sides can be involved in the communication with the help of blogging content.

Consider you sell baby clothes as a business.

Post articles on the log about the fabrics, sizes or how colors influence babies. These are all cool topics to discuss with your clients.

For sure, many moms will comment and share your content. This how your team will hear from the customers.

D. Create content for sharing on social media


Furthermore, your brand awareness increases thanks to the shareable content of the blog. Doing social media is challenging because of the amounts of content you should constantly upload.

This content is not necessarily in a visual form. Consider using blogging as an option to promote your business on different platforms.

Some of the platforms where you could post blog articles are LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora or Medium.

In case you are not familiar with all of them, discuss with your marketing person. They will confirm the number of users and traffic these platforms have. Imagine the benefits of posting at least once per week on each of these platforms.

Articles created for the blog could be re-shared on each of these platforms. This is an excellent manner to increase your online presence without a cost.

E. Find out feedback about your products / services

A great way to get feedback is to get your customers to talk about their experience with your products or services. Consider blogging an open invitation for customers to offer feedback.

There are many people who like to comment on articles.

Create content about each service you provide.

Similarly, add a blog article on each new product your store sells. This way, your customers will offer comments on exactly the product they prefer or hate.

You will achieve straight communication with the client.

Cost-wise, it is less expensive to invest in a part-time blogger than to run satisfactory forms.

Marketing and branding can be done in smart ways.

Our professional team recommends the use of blog articles to increase brand awareness, grow traffic and produce sales.

In case you are interested to find out more about the topic, check out our latest blog post on “The truth about blogging”.

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