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March 11, 2019
March 13, 2019
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What do you know about the search engine?

Before we start the search engine optimization Dubai kit, we must focus on understanding the search engine’s job. This machine is programed with a special purpose “in mind”.

Therefore, all it does is to respect the requirements it has. So, you better prepare for its inspection. Search engines crawl the web, indexing the websites created and the latest content uploaded.

These search engines create a top of these sites. This top is further presented as a search result to an internet user. The search engine optimization Dubai kit will help you understand how to get in that top.

A search engine robot is sometimes called “spider”. You may have heard about the google spider indexing the web pages of sites.

The resemblance with the spider comes because the robot creases a web like that of a spider so that each element of the www is interconnected.

How does the search engine form its results list?


The spider goes around and analyzes the content a website has online. Measuring the content and analyzing it so that it can form a list of the best websites from each field.

Among the first results are those sites with excellent content. This content is excellent because it was optimized to be in the top. Certainly, the content is not the only important piece in the puzzle.

Similarly, important is the link network created between a website and other sites. The better connected your site is with other important powerful websites, the more your chances to get in the top of Google.

Now you know what is the job of the search engine optimization expert. This person gets to verify and work on your site so improve its ranking.

Once the job of the  SEO expert  is done, you will have a website in the top of the search engine.

The results list of the search engine includes the most relevant results. Google and other search engines have the interest of the consumer. They want to offer the best and closest result to the questions users have.

Depending on the field, industry or niche you may find it easier or harder to get in the top of the search engine.

Tools and Techniques to Use in SEO


You can’t to search engine optimization in Dubai without tools such as, Similar Web, Alexa, or Neil’s (Neil Patel) These are all free-to-use tools that you can apply for your SEO work.

Start by watching some YouTube videos before making changes. Many times, seeing someone explain a technique or using a tool will make you “click” immediately.

There are online tutorials about using the tools we mentioned above. Certainly, the best way to learn is to practice. Create an account and try the free version until you get better at it. Once your confidence level is higher, start applying what you learned. 

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