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July 28, 2021
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August 4, 2021

Digital marketing uses as main channel the transmission of information, the message through the internet. It is a modern form of marketing, but it does not eliminate the classic version. It is a complex process that consists of several elements and tools, even their own strategies. The first time the term marketing agency was used was in 1990.

Online marketing services

The number of such agencies is on the rise, due to the complex portfolio of services they provide. They are extremely versatile, regardless of the field of activity of a company. Among them, we find SEO services, content marketing and copywriting services. We also include in this range social networks, branding actions and web development.

On the other hand, each marketing agency will use a specific mix of services. Among the newest we find affiliate marketing and promotional communication. They work together to understand and meet the needs of the consumer through proper communication. We also find strategic marketing and link building, retargeting, etc.

The market for these services globally reached 330-340 billion dollars last year. Nationwide, we have over 434 specialized companies that have open and abroad. This market registers an increase of 12% annually. Last year, with all the negative effects of the COVID pandemic, there were higher demands for these online marketing services.

The process of developing a startup business online.

This is a complex process that has several variables that a digital marketing agency for startups must take into account. First of all, we are talking about the nature of the activity carried out by the client and the size of the respective company. It also takes into account the results obtained, the stage in which it is development-launch, growth, maturity and decline.

Due to the high competitiveness of the physical environment, but especially online and the fact that consumers spend a lot of time online, these services cover a wide range of actions. For small and medium companies, they are the ones who manage to save themselves by using these services. The latter are subject to numerous risks and challenges online.

So, the main steps are analyzing the market, finding a good strategy, optimizing the site, consolidating the brand and image. On the other hand, we are talking about increasing visibility, the number of consumers and increasing profits.

Duties of a marketing specialist

This job is not an easy one, a specialized marketing agency is made up of people who are always up to date with new trends. They are people with professional experience, with a special organizational sense and creative. Another trait is the perseverance and the optimism necessary for this profession, which is a demanding one. Not to mention the analytical skills.

Given the importance it plays in developing a business, we are talking about a whole range of responsibilities. He must establish the objectives, mission and vision of a company. To maintain relationships with customers and to develop new relationships, to find development opportunities. They have to monitor the budgets allocated to each action, monitoring the competition, managing the work team

Collecting information from customers and creating databases is a key responsibility that allows them to identify problems and solve them. This list can continue to vary depending on customer needs.

The main advantages of online marketing services

The advantages are multiple, being supported by the growing demand for these services. A first advantage refers to their profitability. When you decide to turn to a specialized agency you will make a long-term investment. The investment recovery process is a fast one.

On the other hand, the results obtained are much easier to measure in the online environment than in the offline one. In the offline environment, the calculation of specific indicators is considered. They refer to turnover, profitability, rate of return, gross and net profit. In the online environment, these indicators are calculated using online methods, or reports generated by Google-related services.

There is a more efficient segmentation and targeting of customers, a greater ease in attracting them. It creates a better, long-lasting relationship between the company and customers. These services are flexible, regardless of the situation, they can be adjusted and strengthen the image and reputation of a company.