What do SEO professional services do? Is SEO worth your money?

SEO services Romania – Growwwise , your SEO guide in Romania
July 21, 2021
What is an SEO Company? How can they help?
July 28, 2021
SEO services Romania – Growwwise , your SEO guide in Romania
July 21, 2021
What is an SEO Company? How can they help?
July 28, 2021

SEO professional services are a component part of any online marketing agency. They are known and used since 1990, since then expanding and developing in its own market, due to the numerous companies specialized in the field. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which translates into maximizing a site’s visibility in search engine results.

What these SEO professional services entail

These services are complex services that use other tools such as: web development, web design, content marketing and copywriter services, etc. Their foundation is represented by the increasingly fierce competition noticed in all markets and niches of activity. It also does not matter the quantity but the quality offered through them.

The development of these SEO services is justified due to the time spent on the internet by consumers, an increasing period of time (even 8 hours). Specialists also say that every day the number of internet searches increases by 15%. This percentage actually represents the new searches.

This is where search engines intervene, acting as a tool for identifying trends, analyzing and prioritizing searches. The purpose of this process carried out by search engines is to find solutions to customer needs, creating a database as complex and relevant as possible. In order to be able to create the database, we are talking about hundreds of calculated indicators.

Typology of search engine optimization

Any marketing agency is aware of the complexity of SEO services and will differentiate between their types. We are talking about internal and external optimization.

The first optimization, the internal one, talks about the control of the marketing agency over these services, and the other typology about the inability of the agencies to manage these services. They depend on the trends in the online environment, and are much more inflexible.

In the first category, attention is paid to the site and the user experience. So, among the most important factors on page we mention:

  • checking the visibility of the site and the page by search engines
  • site structure
  • density of the chosen keywords
  • semantic diversity
  • titles
  • use of links
  • optimization of meta descripts and text etc.

SEO off-page refers to all the techniques used to increase the visibility of the site in the rankings. Here we include specific actions – creating links, increasing brand searches etc.

Online marketing agency and SEO process

Each online marketing agency will be based on certain principles of application of these services. We are talking about the three SEO hats: white, black and gray. White hats represent the ideal situation and ethics of their application. The black ones reveal the illegal practices of ranking the sites in the tops, and the gray ones are on the border between an ethical and unethical behavior.

The stages of a successful optimization are: analysis and establishing a strategy. It is followed by a professional and careful analysis of the site – the strategy will be implemented if there are no problems.

The last stage refers to the generation of reports and situations. This last stage talks about tracking the results of the implementation of the strategy – the traffic obtained and its quality, the frequency of accessing the site. Also, this last stage allows a clear scaling of the results in a very easy and fast way.

SEO professional services

Using these services does not mean a loss of money, but a long-term investment. The latter is considerably less than the benefits brought. Among these we mention the increase of the visibility of the site, of the number of visitors. Therefore, a quality traffic is obtained and the possibility of establishing a long-term relationship with it.

On the other hand, we are talking about winning a better position among competitors. About increasing credibility and reputation – complex monitoring of results and user experience, etc.

A specialized online marketing agency will also apply natural or organic SEO, focusing on minimizing costs but obtaining very good results. These organic techniques are very well seen by search engines, especially by Google.

Therefore, turn with all confidence to the specialized agencies that can offer you these services. You will get real results in a short time, but whose effects will be seen in the long run.