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May 17, 2018
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Logo design

Certainly, Logo design is among the most frequent jobs agencies and creatives get from companies. No matter the industry you belong to. Similarly, no matter the size of your company. A great logo design is an essential element, part of your brand’s identity.

Most noteworthy, your customers need to recognize your products. When the customer shops, she/he needs to differentiate your company from that of the competition. Therefore, a memorable logo is a must have element.

A memorable strong visual image of a company will remain in the mind of the consumer. Also, it influences his choice towards your company next time when s/he goes shopping. There is a strong association between a quality event which drives a huge audience and the products sponsored during the commercial breaks.

As we see in sport events as an example. The event’s quality  influences the attitude and opinion of the viewer towards your sponsored product.

Close, Lacey & Cornwell (2015) “As a symbolic form of information, brand logos must be pro cessed cognitively. Brand symbolism consists of repeated promotion exposures and product experiences.” 

Logos and logotypes

To talk from the same starting point please consider the following definitions we support when discussing about logos and logotypes.  Logos: A mark or symbol created for an individual, product, service, or company that translates the impression of the company it is representing.

Logotype is any alphabetical configuration that is designed to identify by name an individual, product, service, publication or company.

You know your company has a winner logo once it is proven to be durable and sustainable over the years.

When it comes to creating a logotype designers consider the attributes of each letterform, as well as the relationships between letterforms. In the best logotypes, letterforms are redrawn, modified, and manipulated in order to express the appropriate personality and positioning of the company. 

“The best identity designers have a strong understanding of how to communicate effectively through the use of signs and symbols, a keen sense of form and letterforms, and an understanding of the history of design.”

                             Hans-U. Allemann

Certainly, the evolution of brands’ logos or logotypes is often for strategic purposes, rather than change just for the sake of change.

Some causes for change can be the following: the brand doesn’t connect with the intended audience. Similarly, the brand’s message confuses the audience. Furthermore, the brand’s message is outdated or no longer relevant. Also, the brand’s message reaches an unintended audience. Finally, the brand’s message reaches an established audience but one in decline. Therefore, to grow, the brand needs a newer or younger audience.

Brand identity

Certainly, in today’s media environment, obsessed attention focuses on the crafting of the logo. Hence, many neglects or undervalue the importance of creating an identity for the company.

Most noteworthy, a brand identity comes to life using different elements of design among which there is the logo. Hence, the real craft of the design team is to bring to life your brand. Likewise, to create a story that has clarity, consistency and functionality.

Logo design is a service our team offers. Explore the services page of our site to understand better what we can do for your company.

Please see our Complete list of go-to books related to design and logo creation. Go through the visual history of the logo. Read about successful logo designs. These actions create the background and inspire you for your next projects. 

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