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April 18, 2018
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How to grow your popularity on Instagram?!

How to grow your popularity on Instagram? This seems to be the question of the day. How to grow your popularity on Instagram? is not a difficult question to answer. Certainly, you need to work with a professional from the digital marketing field.

Growth in popularity on Instagram can bring so many positive returns. Therefore, there is no wonder more and more companies look for easy-to-use guides. These guides on how to increase Instagram profile visibility, how to get more followers, etc.

Maybe, there is no doubt social media marketing has become an indispensable part of today’s advertising and marketing landscape. Use an agency to help you prepare an Instagram campaign. That is always the best solution time and budget-wise. Work with a team of professionals and decrease the mistakes you will most probably make. Do not imitate other profiles. Certainly, you gain more from being authentic.

How to grow your popularity on Instagram? Listen and again Listen

Most noteworthy, listen to your customers. Read the reviews and comments. Keep an open mind regarding negative feedback. First of all listen. Secondly, answer the questions. Build open communication with the audience. Furthermore, work smart. Hire a team of professionals. Certainly, without a branding agency How to grow your popularity on Instagram? becomes a dead-end task.

Understand that behind any influencer with a great followers mass of millions is a team of marketing experts. These experts understand how branding is created and know how to focus on their client’s skills and place them in the best position to look like winners. Yes! There is a lot of work behind any of the pictures you see posted by your favorite influencer, public figure, fashion model or sports brand. 

A platform for millions

Instagram is a platform where millions of companies build their brand awareness and interact with their fans. Instagram defines itself as “a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever”.

 It is a great starting point to analyze your existing competition on Instagram and build from there a smart approach. It is always easier and less expensive to learn from your competitors’ mistakes when planning your Instagram campaign. There are many mistakes you can avoid if you take some time to look for the companies you know you are competing with, or just search for the #s of your industry. In case you plan to promote your company on Instagram you need to know how to look at your competitors, see what they are doing right and plan a better approach to attract visitors to your profile page. 

How to Analyse Competitors on Instagram 

Download this Instagram checklist to learn how to analyze your competition and gain a significant competitive advantage.


Before we look at the way you can use Instagram for creating a great personal or corporate image, let’s see some basic information about this social platform which drives users addicted after just a few minutes. Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network company owned by Facebook. Since October 2010 when it was launched it grew to 800 million users. Statistics say that more than 68% of the 800 million monthly Instagram active users are females and that 32% of all internet users are on Instagram. 

Some of the funny definitions you can find on urban dictionaries for Instagram come to show how users see the platform. 

“A unit of measurement used by hipsters in which “coolness” is determined. The more “artsy” pictures they can create the cooler they become in the realm of what is hip.”

“Used for white girls to post selfies with them doing duck faces, pictures of their dogs, or their latest purchase at Starbucks they are drinking that day. All while judging their popularity with how many likes they get on their picture.”

Featuring: The Hashtag

Instagram is well-known for its elements such as the diversity of filters, the stories feature or the famous #. A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing the number sign or pound sign # in front of a string of alphanumeric characters, usually a word or un-spaced phrase, in or at the end of a message. The hashtag may contain letters, digits, and underscores.

How to grow your popularity on Instagram? Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing focuses on companies’ strategic use of Instagram in a specific industry or a particular social group. Top brands use Instagram today as a marketing communication tool to promote their brand personality. In contrast to Facebook, it is common for people to keep public Instagram profiles, thus enabling users to “follow,” view, like, and comment on photos of people they don’t know personally. 

We noticed extremely useful the works of authors such as Couldry (2012) or Ginsberg (2015) on Instagram marketing and social media practices. You can find more details about creating a winning brand on Instagram at Instabranding: Shaping the Personalities of the Top Food Brands on Instagram or more about digital media practices at  Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice.  

Some of the best books we recommend with enthusiasm are easy to find for free online or at a small cost on sites such as

Social media and Trust.

Instagram Marketing

Millionaire Influencer: 50 steps to your online empire

Explosive growth

You can also find great resources on professional websites such as the Journal of Advertising and Research or the American Academy of Advertising. 

Instagram marketing – The Power of Influencers

Young people in the United States and all over the world are obsessed with celebrities.  Because of the public profile nature of Instagram, many young users follow celebrities on Instagram in order to reach and communicate with their idols. Therefore, it is natural for companies to use celebrity endorsements on Instagram to target young consumers. However, companies have to keep in mind that rather than making celebrities more accessible, Instagram actually creates an illusion of a sense of intimacy and closeness between celebrities and their users.

While young people want to be their idols, their consumption power and purchase ability may not enable them to consume like celebrities. The lesson to remember is that using a powerful influencer is making young followers want to be like that person, but doesn’t guarantee you they will have the power to buy those luxury products or services the influencers promote. It is virtual window shopping and can end up with failing campaigns and false expectations. 

Instagram Statistics 

Instagram is a growing platform and it seems that most of our friends and favorite brands find their place sharing pictures and uploading videos on Instagram daily. What are some of the numbers behind Instagram?

Total Number of Monthly Active Instagram Users: 800 million

Total Number of Daily Active Instagram Users: 500 million

Instagram Stories Daily Active Users: 300 million

Number of Photos Shared to Date: 40 billion

Number of Businesses on Instagram: 25 million

Instagram was Sold for: $1 billion

Number of Instagram Likes per day: 4.2 billion

Number of Photos uploaded per day: 95 million

Fun Facts about Instagram 

How to grow your popularity on Instagram? Learn the industry and educate yourself. The more you know about Instagram the easier it will be to grown your account. Read the jokes and the fun facts. Knowledge makes you comfortable in discussing Instagram. Also, it puts a smile on your face.

Pizza is the most Instagrammed food globally, followed by Sushi.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram are #Love, #Instagood, #Me, #Cute, and #Follow.

32% of all Internet users are on Instagram.

68% of Instagram users are Females.

80% of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S.

When Instagram introduced videos, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.

More than 40 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram so far.

200 million Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day

Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

Brazil ranked second in female user share, the country is home to the largest total Instagram user base in Latin America and second worldwide.