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Graphic Design Agency

When you say branding so many ideas come to mind, especially if you are a young marketer finding your way and style in the digital marketing era we live in today. Old school branding has never lost its power and there are still people who use the rules by the book and their success triggers admiration and envy on social networks.

Among the skills your design team must master is the less talked about, but of critical importance: typography.

When starting a business, you want to introduce to the market a new brand that is easy to stay in the mind of consumers. You have so many things on your do-to list:

  • Name and Logo;
  • Business Cards;
  • Online Communication Style;
  • Website and the list go on and on.

The brand identity

In case you are in business for several years now, you must keep an open eye on what giant companies do and try to model them. You may have started your company at the start of the year 2000. This means your image needs a little updating and a fresh boost. It doesn’t mean you must change everything. Being flexible is a quality many times we tend to ignore when it comes to brand identity. If the company works just fine why change a thing?

We live in fast-paced markets and the consumers have different diverse needs, wants, and desires. People look for companies with which they can relate with and they can notice a lack of freshness immediately. We recommend you discuss with an agency or someone who has the background to advise you on how your brand image can become relevant in 2018 in the world. A good designer will know how to maintain your brand authentic and fresh in the same time.

In case you decide to work with an agency you must have at least the basic awareness about what you get at the end of the agreement. Acting fast sometimes makes people overlook critical aspects of the construction of a brand. You should have in mind how important is the typography you choose to use to present your brand to the wide world.

Some elements of typography are the font style you choose to use; the font weight; the font size and color. When and where you can use capitals? And when and where you can use italics? These are elements that create your brand’s image. Your brand will need a minimum of three font types to cover the primary communication, and two other font types that will be used for accents, headings, graphics, and your logo.

What benefits bring great typography? 

The moment a customer sees your website; your business card; your product package or any type of material which talks about your brand it decides instantly if it is worth analyzing it more; if he or she likes it or if it’s not for them. The visual image of your brand is a deal-breaker. You can have the best product on the market but to convince someone to use it you must first grab that person’s attention. You do that with a powerful well-built brand image. You do that by selecting the right typography for your brand’s personality.

Design Business Cards

Let’s take the example of Business Cards. Even though people communicate and connect much more online in present days, the necessity and utility of business cards are still strong and valid. Offering someone a physical business card makes the interaction much more human than asking the person to add you on their LinkedIn or Facebook. Business cards are a visual representation of your brand and you as a part of that company. The logo, the display of contact information can be a positive impact on the person whom you just met.

Modeling big players is always a good way to achieve success and stay relevant. Ford is an example worth analyzing!