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March 15, 2018
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Marketing research tools: discover the free ones!

Some marketing research tools are being looked at as scary and expensive. Growwwise wants to present the free-to-use tools. This way clients will get access to knowhow for FREE. Research is critical to identify your company’s market segment, to develop your strategy and to create your action plan.

We are here to prove that is not entirely true. Many times we tend to deploy too many of our resources on research. Thus, we end up with too much raw data. The use of internet technology is making collecting data about your customers easier than ever before.

These marketing research tools help your team collect information about the customers. Getting the intelligence and the know-how from the raw material is the challenging job of your analytics and marketing team.

In case you are a small or medium-sized company the trick to remember is that there are free tools available. The free marketing research tools can help you collect the information needed without investing capital into research analysis. Please read below our recommendation of marketing research tools that are free and easy to use for any beginner in marketing processes:

  1. Interviews – Marketing research tools

By telephone or face-to-face interviews are the fastest way for your team to find answers from your clients. Seeing the reaction and body language of the people you interview will be of great help when asking the next questions. You can make comments and replace the order of the questions in case you feel the person in front of you feels enthusiastic or disappointed with the services or products you sell.

  1. Surveys – Marketing research tools

Online or by mail the power of surveys is still strong and from our experience, people will feel safe to give feedback on a short well-written survey.

  1. Questionnaires – Marketing research tools

Same as surveys, the questionnaires can be conducted online or by mail. With the answers, in you can easily create spreadsheets and graphics to visualize and understand the results of the questionnaires. If you have a large enough database (100+ emails) you can take advantage of it by preparing some quality questions.

Do not be afraid to ask sensitive questions even if the answer may be something you would not want to hear. Better face the facts than to let your customers be taken over by competitors.

Some important questions might include:

  • What factors do you consider when purchasing this product or service?
  • List the likes or dislikes about current products or services currently on the market?
  • What areas would you suggest for improvement?
  • Features are making the difference: What product feature would you add or remove?
  • How would you recommend this product to use?
  • What is the appropriate price for a product or service?
  1. Marketing research tools: Focus groups

In case you have the human resources and an available location where you can fit a small group of 15 – 30 people, you should try organizing a focus group. Prepare the event in advance by sitting down with your team and decide and the most important questions you want to answer from the discussion.

Once the objective is clear for all admins of the focus group select from the available database of customers the people who represent most accurately your “client persona”.

Invite people who have a similar profile with your client persona for an honest discussion. The feedback needs to be as direct and sincere as possible to be of help for your company.

The marketing research tools from Growwwise

As a digital marketing agency we are experienced with the marketing research needed for a company. We share these free marketing research tools because we believe in fair play. Over the years we educated our clients to adopt tools that are easy and free to use. Of course, marketing is not free of cost.

There are tools and practices which require an investment. Put together the free with the investment to create a perfect project. The results will be fast to follow. Our agency is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the practices of online marketing.