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July 28, 2020
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Why personal trainers should use a design agency for their websites?


Personal trainers get a lot of attention in the last years from the marketing agencies in London. We consider it necessary for them to get the services of a design agency. Why? A personal brand requires the know-how of a branding and design agency. It is not enough to spread the word.

Trainers need to understand how to position themselves and how to create a brand. Many trainers choose to promote themselves as personal brands. The places where personal trainers are readily present are social media platforms. On Facebook, the trainers often post their daily routine, how they train and what they eat.

Trainers using a design agency

Lately, the way trainers promote themselves is Instagram. That is a promotion channel, but it is not the only one. Similarly, Instagram should not be done as an amateur in case results are desired.

Instagram is a powerful tool to use to promote a personal brand. In the present, there are more than 21 million posts on Instagram with the #personaltrainer. Many people know that Instagram is a place to market yourself.

Consider going on Instagram prepared with a personal brand designed by an expert. Similarly, consider getting the website or blog created by a professional design agency. You will get a professional image and win followers easily. Read about how to get real followers on Instagram in our blog articles. 

Benefit number 1 for using a professional designer – save time.

The job will be much easier because you can save time. You will focus on the things which you know best – personal training.

Professional design for your website means a lot of time and energy spent sitting on a desk. Planning, researching, analyzing and implementing are not actions taken by a personal trainer easily. A design agency such as Growwwise makes all the preparation needed. The client saves time, and the marketing agency prepares the website’s image.

Benefit number 2 for using a professional designer – have a professional image. 

A design agency helps the personal trainer look apart. On the website of a personal trainer, there should be a visual representation of the exercises he/she offers.

The pictures and videos work as excellent testimonials if you know how to edit them. As an example, a trainer might not understand the power of colors, fonts, and proportions as well as an experienced designer. So many trainers undervalue the importance of the image. Certainly, there are many trainers on Facebook and Instagram.

Consider how many of them do you follow regularly? The reason you follow people is that they master the art of presenting themselves professionally. They look complete, powerful and grounded and that’s why people like them.

Benefit number 3 for using a professional designer – get respect. 

Why we do all of this? Hiring a design agency may not be your first option, but it is the right option. An agency will save you money because it will optimize the process and create better results.

Imagine how many people will get to visit your site to get to know you before they decide to hire your services. A personal trainer must market his/her image continually.

Consider creating different categories on your website: health, food, equipment, sleep, exercise routine for kids, products you use, etc.

All these elements are impressive for a potential customer. People hire a personal trainer for his image. A healthy balanced lifestyle will get appreciation and respect from your site’s visitors. A designer will know how to create the image of a powerful balanced athlete.

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Benefit number 4 for using a professional designer – make more cash.

At the end of the day, we all want to make cash out of our jobs, passions or careers.

Therefore, a personal trainer should desire to make money from his/her activity. The amount of cash you make depends on the rhythm you are willing to maintain. A designer can create beautiful images with you training your clients. Similarly, your video editor will create cool short videos to post on Instagram stories.

It is up to you how much effort you put into it. The agency delivers the quality. The quantity is up to the personal trainer. In case you have a client per week record every second of that training. Similarly, film yourself exercising in case you have no session with clients. The trick is to stay active online.

First, track your daily routine. Second, allow the design agency you work with to edit your videos and pictures. Some cool music, amazing effects, and filter on the pictures do not happen by chance. A design team ready to optimize your image and make you look like a professional personal trainer.

Work with professionals – hire a design agency

In order for you to reach to the personal trainer who will be the most suitable for your kind of person, you must do some research. And in order for a personal trainer to get into your searchings, he should the help of a design agency.

            A design agency will always be the key to success to any business that exists in the digital realm. By using their help, a personal trainer gets the chance to really reach customers – it is well known that no one will ever spend hours for searching a trainer; first come, first served.

            Firstly, a design agency will provide digital marketing services, which means that the word about a certain personal trainer is going to be spread. People will start to hear about him or her and they will choose him or her as a mentor.

                        Benefit no. 5 – the positive impact of your website and work

            A perk of having a design agency working with you is that your website will be gifted a powerful and attractive pack of items. A name, a logo, a slogan, graphic designs and many more items which you will happily discover if you decide to work with them.

            This way, the website will be seen as a positive brand, which means that people will have a good perception of it. And as you know, a good perception of service means that you are likely to use it, eventually re-use it and definitely recommend it to your friends and family.

            Consequently, if people see that a personal trainer is reviewed with positive statements, they will definitely come to him or her for help and pay for his or her service.

                        Benefit no. 6 – people will see you as trustworthy

            Also, the agency will provide services for your website and business in order to assure your success.

            In the beginning, a friendly interface will be created for a personal trainer’s website. Also, there will be a friendly design that will allow people to find answers to all their questions. Moreover, with a friendly interface and design, people will be able to visit the website from both computers or smartphones.

            With more than half of the questions already answered, a person’s trust in a certain personal trainer’s abilities will flourish. Once a trainer is seen as trustworthy, he or she will be approached by many people – this leading to many customers and the evolution of your training business.

            With professional help, your name will be heard, your programs will be adopted by many people who will now be part of your constantly enriching team.

                        Benefit no. 7 – everyone will know about you!

            As a personal trainer, you will not have to worry about community management skills – the design agency will do it for you. Therefore, your website will be connected to the other communities in the same digital realm as you.

            This way you will get in touch with a lot of emblems of sports, foods and other lifestyle categories related. At the same time, your interaction with other platforms of social media will also be assured.

            So, save some time and let a professional agency deal not only with your links with other persons and platforms but also with answering different problems or demands the people you train have.

                        Benefit no. 8 – constantly update content

            Last but not least, working with a professional designer means that your business will have personalized banners which will boost the numbers of visitors that your website has. And, of course, more visitors means more customers, so that you will be one of the public’s favorite when it comes to personal trainers.

            Also, a design agency will keep both your business and your website constantly updated with the latest marketing and business strategies. Therefore, the fact that you are ahead of everybody else will never be a secret!

            With the help of the right personal trainer, you will embrace a routine that will forever change your life; but with the help of a design agency, your business will forever be the best!

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