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February 22, 2020

Growwwise is a digital marketing agency interested in the best experts in branding. Growwwise did a study on the best branding companies in Houston. The branding companies in Houston have much to offer to businesses. Certainly, this is a topic of importance for new companies looking to expand. A new business requires work to become a brand. Therefore, we looked at branding companies in Houston, to make it easier for you to choose.

Please keep in mind that this selection is made from our professional perspective. For sure there are some which would formulate a different list of companies.

Branding Companies in Houston 

The question is made to simplify the process of making a choice. A great branding company understands the fundaments of brand creation and brand growth.

First, there are brand creators. Second, there are brand growers. Both services are needed and essential in business. Therefore, we recommend you go to a company which can provide both.

Our first choice in the list of branding companies in Houston is Woreman. It was not an easy choice, but we consider them experts in branding. This company is based in Houston, Texas. Some of their strong skills are in branding and marketing strategies.

For new companies or small firms, this is a dream agency. Certainly, they require a big budget, but they bring many advantages.

Focus on visual communication

Working with a branding company can help your visual image be the same in all forms of communication.

Consider that you communicate not only in verbal and written forms. For sure, a company communicates visually most of the time. Business

cards, company logo, brand name, and banners for social media. These are simple examples of the visual communication of a firm.

The branding companies in Houston you analyze should be able to offer these critical pieces of the big puzzle named branding. Woreman started in 2010 and has around 10 employees. Their prices start at $10.000+ and grow. For sure, a discussion with their team can result in a better proposal for your company.

Branding services essentials

The second branding company in Houston is Primer Grey. Certainly, they are super talented and have a great portfolio of clients.

Our suggestion is to look at the services an agency offers. Usually, these services speak about the depth in which the agency treats a certain service.

As an example, the branding services are going into a lot of detail with Primer Grey. This means that they master the field and understand branding. Primer Grey is a full-service branding agency with the client in mind.

They look for mutually beneficial projects and they treat their work with respect.

About Primer Grey Branding Company

Primer Grey has starting prices of $10.000+. An amount that is totally worth their amazing services. This company started in 2009 and has around 10 employees.

Their services are mostly related to branding. Naming, logo design, brand identity, packaging design, branding packages.

Also, Primer Grey offers website development, but that comes because of the base created by a brand image. A company needs a branding process before building a website. All branding companies in Houston follow these steps in branding creation.

There is no other order for that process. First, you agree on the brand image, colors, personality, and logo. Second, you create these elements and test them. Further, you start applying these elements to websites and other platforms.

Branding and marketing strategies

The branding companies in Houston have a major advantage because of Culture Pilot. Among the best brand experts, you can find this small company. Culture Pilot started in 2003 and has around 10 employees.

Their prices start at $10.000+, making them part of the top branding agencies of Texas. First, let’s look at the services Culture Pilot offers. They specialize in branding, graphic design, video production, and marketing strategy.

Second, let’s understand the way this company can add value to a small new business. Remember what we mentioned earlier? The company which offers a complete set of services should be the chosen one.

This is exactly the case with Culture Pilot. First, they create a brand image. Second, they do graphic design work which is excellent for content creation for a company. Last, they offer marketing strategy support.

Branding companies in Houston

Our number four on the list of branding companies in Houston is Frog Dog.

This is a consulting company that helps firms position themselves among other companies in the same industry. When working on a new brand, there is a process to follow. Consider the existing relevant brands of the industry’s niche.

First, the new brand must learn to position itself among the existing players. Second, the new brand must learn to differentiate itself from the rest of the players. Certainly, this is a priceless step in the brand creation process.

Frog Dog is a consulting company that helps firms with brand positioning, repositioning, or adjusting to markets. This company started in 1997 and has around 50 employees. Considering their experience, their prices starting at $10.000+ seem fair.

Among the services of Frog Dog you may like we mention: reputation management, crisis communication, and CSR.

Other companies you can get value from?

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Growwwise – the branding agency 

Let’s say that branding companies in Houston are not making you sign a deal. In case you need a different approach or perspective on brand creation and growth, we are here to serve your firm.

Growwwise is a digital marketing agency that offers branding services. A professional team will guide and explain to you the process of branding. We are available for any questions relating to branding services.

The blog of our agency offers a wide range of articles on the topic of branding. 


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