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January 20, 2019
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Abu Dhabi On Page SEO


Abu Dhabi On Page SEO is an article which aims to make a clear description about SEO on page. Grow Wise is a SEO agency based in London, UK. The focus of our team is to explain what is SEO on page. Which elements should you follow when you improve your SEO on the pages of your website. In the article Abu Dhabi On Page SEO we want to bring solutions for companies and individuals from the Abu Dhabi area.

Of course, these solutions are generally available. In case your company is operating from Dubai, Sharjah or Fujairah, the same solutions apply. There are two types of SEO: on page and off page. In this blog post, we discuss exclusively on page SEO search engine optimization.


Which type of SEO is the best for my website?

Business owners don’t have the time to dive in digital marketing topics. Understandable, since they are busy running huge companies and hundreds of employees. For this reason, there are terms which may sound strange for them. We worked with many companies along the years. Understanding search engine optimization terms is a frequent challenge.

What types of SEO exist? What is search engine optimization? Is there one better type of doing SEO? Which is the SEO type to bring faster results? Can we solve SEO problems faster? Why does it take so much time? Are you using all the tools available? For sure, we have heard all the possible questions.

The article Abu Dhabi On Page SEO is going to answer all these questions. There are two types of SEO: on page and off page. In this blog post, we discuss on page SEO.


Abu Dhabi On Page SEO – information

Before we jump in to the discussion let’s make sure we understand the basics. In case you have problems getting your site on the first pages of Google you need SEO.

Certainly, you know that people search on google everything they need these days. As a user yourself, you know that you never look on the second page of the results. The truth is that we are used with fast and precise results. Google offers exactly that to its users.

The trick is to make your site be among the first results google offers. As you may imagine there is big competition for those first positions.  


On Page SEO – the solution comes from optimization

It is easy to make sense why you need SEO. Without the optimization of your website nobody would discover you. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The experts make some critical changes to your site so that it looks as a perfect choice for google. In case you sell flowers, you want google to rank your website on the first page.

Of course, there are other people selling flowers. This means there is competition to be among the first companies to appear on the first page.

SEO experts fix the errors and make your site look the best answer for the user searching for “flowers”. They make your site look professional and they improve its image. By using the right tools, your site will look and sound as an authority figure in the industry of flowers.

Google wants to recommend only the best options for its users. Therefore, Google will recommend your site as an expert in the area of “flowers”.


Who needs SEO?

In Abu Dhabi On Page SEO is done by looking at each and every page of your website.

Does that apply to ecommerce websites? Yes, no matter the type of site your business has, we use the same tools. Abu Dhabi On Page SEO done properly means that an expert is auditing your online platform.

We had clients which are personal brands. The business they run is all about their image and promoting themselves. They still need the services of SEO experts. To make it easier to understand, we have created a complete list.


Businesses and Individuals needing SEO work

Presentation sites; Ecommerce sites; Personal sites; Blogs

Governmental sites; Business sites; Non-governmental agencies sites

Academic institutions sites; Medical institutions sites

Abu Dhabi On Page SEO steps to follow

Below you will discover a list of steps which a SEO expert follows. These are all important, but not all apply to your case. The expert needs to first analyze your site and then decide what is needed.

Please, don’t panic if your SEO expert doesn’t mention one of the following elements. It can be that your site doesn’t need those services. Similarly, keep in mind that all these steps bellow take a serious amount of work.

It looks easy to follow the list and fix these issues one by one. It takes time, attention, experience and effort to fix all the SEO issues a site has. Abu Dhabi On Page SEO is a tool to better understand the size of the work.


Step 1: content and meta tags optimization

Firstly, Abu Dhabi On Page SEO focuses on the main issues of a site. This step includes work done for page title optimization. Some sites have page titles missing or written too long or too short.

Another issue can be that there are page titles duplicated. Using a professional tool, the SEO expert identifies all these errors. Other problems appear with the meta description of the pages.

Sometime the meta description is missing. Other times, the meta description doesn’t follow the limits of characters allowed. It can happen that there are meta descriptions which are duplicated.

All these errors are hurting the growth of your website.

Google doesn’t take into consideration sites which have all the errors mentioned above. This means that all the page which have one or more of the errors above are not considered quality material. Google identifies this “bad” material and ignores it.


Step 2: keywords issues

Secondly, Abu Dhabi On Page SEO looks at the keywords problems. The main problem which appears regarding keywords is that there are none used.

When you create content for your site you must follow a list of keywords and key-expressions. These are indicators for google to come and notice your website.

Many sites haven’t used keywords or used them in the wrong way. A SEO professional will create a keywords list. Also, the expert will do a competitors’ analysis. These are crucial steps in starting doing quality SEO work.

Other issues appear with the density of the keywords or the subpage keyword hierarchy and frequency. Using the keywords not only in the text, but in setting up the page is another issue. An on page SEO expert will correctly rename all the images which appear in your website using the right keyword.

Step 3: URL structure problems

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi On Page SEO looks at URLs problems. These issues are all about the way your site’s pages communicate between each other. In some cases, we encounter unnecessary sub-domains and directories. The on page SEO expert knows how to include only one keyword in a page’s URL. Similarly, an issue appears when the URL is not written correctly. For example, when you use underscores in the URL instead of correctly using hyphens.

There are issues with using dynamic URLs and not static ones. It is not an issue for a search engine. Because google can read both these types of URLs. The problem appears when your site’s visitor doesn’t read the URL. A fix is made for the advantage of the people reading URLs. A SEO expert will edit the URL name so that the reader sees the information easily.

Step 4: internal linking issues

Certainly, internal links are among the critical issues in search optimization. 

Abu Dhabi On Page SEO looks at these issues in depth. Missing or malformed breadcrumbs are frequent problems.

Similarly, unnecessary internal no-follow links or suboptimal anchor text appear to be issues site owners face.

Step 5: indexing issues for On Page SEO

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi On Page SEO must consider robots and the indexing process.

This is the phase where the services of an IT expert are used. Working together with the SEO expert, the IT professional will analyze the XML Sitemap. Some frequent issues are XML Sitemap Missing or URL not listed in Robots.txt.

Also, XML Sitemap is Malformed/Incomplete/Outdated or Robots.txt File Blocking Valuable Content.

Low Page Speed score and Improper Canonical Tags Robots Meta Tag can also happen.

These issues are critical for establishing a strong website in “the eyes of” search engines.

Step 6: mobile design issues and responsiveness issues

Last, Abu Dhabi On Page SEO must discover if your website is mobile responsive. Most of the users are now on the internet using their mobile devices. This means that a large part of your site’s visitors requires a mobile responsive website. A low page speed score on the mobile is affecting SEO.

Similarly, the design of the website can affect the user’s experience. Haven’t you encountered sites which look bad on your mobile device? The reason is because the designers did not prepare a desktop and a mobile version.

They did the job fast and incomplete. Your site normally must readapt to any screen you may open it on. Other problems appear when there are broken page links and pages do not return 404.


Contact an expert SEO agency

Abu Dhabi On Page SEO is a short guide for you to understand the depth of SEO work. These elements are mastered by SEO professionals. It may seem like a lot of work to do, but it is worth it. A SEO agency will be able to handle these issues with professionalism.

We trust you enjoy this article. Grow Wise invites you to email or comment bellow any questions. Similarly, we hope that by reading Abu Dhabi On Page SEO you will be curios to discover the off page SEO topics.

The Grow Wise team is preparing a blog post to explain the off page SEO issues. Both these parts form the science of search engine optimization.

Their value is underpriced and many people haven’t tapped into this valuable information. We hope you will act soon and improve your website.

Digital Marketing Agency – Grow Wise

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on “Abu Dhabi On Page SEO”. Consider the topics discussed above. In case there are any questions contact our team today. Search Engine Optimization  Services  are our field of expertise.

It is important to take advantage of the moment.  Our customers are free to choose the agency which is best for them. The only statement we make is that: we deliver what we promise. 

Our team of professionals are familiar with the SEO industry’s techniques. We create keyword research, and content optimization of quality for brands in any industries. Let’s discuss!


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