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Discover our blog post on “7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021”. The new year is approaching fast and new trends are showing up. We decided to go into research mode for the end of the year. To help our readers, we have created a “7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021” blog article.

These digital marketing trends refer to practices you may have used in the past months. Marketers learn from implementing these techniques and share the know-how. This is how we came up with this 7 trends list. We have tested and followed these trends.

Certainly, there are new tools and techniques which can increase your brand’s performance online. Discover this complete list of trends and contact us for any questions.

Growwwise is a digital marketing agency that specializes in services of branding, marketing, and content creation. We understand social media and content creation.

This is the reason why our clients have only the best feedback about working with us. We hope you will invest in these techniques and increase your brand’s online presence.

1. Develop Marketing Strategies Across Multiple Channels.

The first of the 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 has to do with platforms. More precisely the number of platforms on which you are active.

We notice that Mega Brands tend to develop a digital marketing strategy over multiple channels. That is to say, that this is a growing trend in digital marketing.

For example, these multiple channels can be places such as websites, blogs, social media, video content, and many others.

This means your company must commit to longer time planning. To clarify, marketing on different channels at the same time and with the same amount of effort.

For sure it brings results to your brand awareness. However, it takes human resources, time, and budget.

Approaching a different set of channels would allow a better reach to the public audience. Assign everyone from the marketing team one social media channel.

When employees have ownership over a task, they get more involved in the completion of the task.

Execute on your digital marketing plan

Of course, planning must be followed up with execution. Certainly, many companies have paid in time for small digital campaigns. Hence, they see some spikes in the flow of their customers, orders, and followers.

Above all, by using social media channels, you get in the mind of the consumer and create a powerful connection.

Certainly, social media is no longer just another form of media. It is the only form of media.

The reason that incremental flow stops is that a single campaign can’t do the job.

You must think about your digital marketing strategy for a longer-term. Similarly, you must plan each step carefully.

Consider hiring the support of a professional marketing agency.

Companies such as Growwwise become trustworthy partners for strategic planning and execution.

2. Develop A Marketing Strategy

The second trend in our 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 is all about strategic planning. Even in the present moment, some companies consider social media a launch platform for their products or services. For the rest of the marketing and sales, these companies use the classic forms of approach customers.

Don’t get us wrong. It is nothing bad in being old school, but not in digital marketing. Marketers have created digital marketing strategies and all happens online.

This is the reality of marketing, and the faster you understand it the better for your brand. There is a strong reason why strategic planning is second place in the 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

An online presence requires commitment and a longer-term strategy.

Digital marketing can help a brand build a market penetration strategy.

Achieve visibility and popularity using channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Musically, Pinterest, or Facebook. Your R&D department can also benefit a lot from exposure to different audiences.

Real-time feedback from your target audience

The feedback in real-time is going to make it easier to understand your product’s strengths and weaknesses. So, digital marketing helps your brand to create a product development strategy.

Discover your niche market and diversify that customer base. These are relevant topics which a good digital marketing strategy can help with.

When working with a team of digital marketers you will find it easier to create strategies for different ages, nationalities, and interests.

This is one advantage you should consider when creating the budget for 2021. Allow your brand to invest in digital marketing strategies and the return is going to be excellent.

3. Use Social Media Trends In Your Advantage

Our number 3 in the 7 Digital Marketing Trends talks about social media. The Communications Market Review ordered by the government on an annual basis gives a powerful source of information.

That is to say, use the latest results to choose where to focus your attention and budget.

Follow statistics and insights released by experts in digital marketing.

For instance, the report shows a static and declining interest for Facebook in most age groups.

On the other hand, the report shows that Instagram and Snapchat grow in all age groups in popularity and usage.

Adjust your efforts towards increasing the interests of customers.

Are you a stranger when it comes to Instagram or Snapchat? Consider these end-of-the-year trends and shift your focus.

Know your customer persona

Above all, you must know your market segment. In case you know that your customers are in the range of ages of 25-34, you should work on Instagram and Snapchat promotion. It is that simple.

To be among the best brands in your industry you must act fast. Some companies release 80+ pieces of content daily. How many times do you post? What type of content do you post? These are relevant topics you should consider. Our agency helps companies adapt to the fast-changing environment of digital marketing. We implement social media campaigns and create written audio and visual content.

Our team members consider this trend one of the most critical among the 7 Digital Marketing Trends. Decide based on information coming from the highest level of know-how.

4. Master IGTV For Digital Marketing

7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 could not be complete without mentioning the powerful tool of Instagram TV. Why not simple Instagram? Because Instagram evolves as a company and constantly reinvents itself. They keep adding features to the app. They are doing their jobs to grow and maintain the consumer’s interest. Is your brand doing the job? Are you adapting to these latest features added by social media channels?

Consumers use video more and more. That is to say, your marketing team must create video content wherever it is possible. Meanwhile, YouTube is getting better numbers of followers thanks to vlogging, others keep up with them. Facebook and Instagram added video sharing these past months.

Video Storytelling Is Digital Marketing at Its Best

Instagram is the favorite place of a big number of consumers, most of them female. In case your products or services are targeting young or middle-aged women it is a must to use Instagram video.

Storytelling can become creative and cool with the help of this feature of Instagram. If you are creating promotional videos, keep them authentic, short, and simple.

Above all, know your brand’s tone of voice and personality before creating content.

For instance, the filters you use, the words, and the emotions. These seem to be small little elements. However, used correctly, these elements can become priceless in connecting with the audience.

5. Let Your Voice Be Louder with Voice Marketing

Another key element among the 7 Digital Marketing Trends is voice. Above all, voice marketing is becoming a growing industry.

The presence of the power of podcasts today is bigger than ever before.

Listening to audio saves people time and offers mobility. Users are no longer tied to their computers to consume content.

The power of movement the smartphone offers is unlimited.

Customers can listen to their favorite audio content (podcast) while shopping, walking the dog, or going for a run. Brands are limited only by their imagination in using the power of voice marketing.

No matter the industry your brand comes from, a smart digital marketing agency can create a strategy for you to become part of the podcast community.

Voice Marketing Is Becoming a Growing Industry

Storytelling is a powerful tool when it is in the hands of professionals. Contact our agency and discuss the way you can invest in a collaboration that can bring your brand the advantages of audio marketing. The only objective is to deliver true value and meaning to listeners.

Our source for the graphic representation and information comes from the well-known “The Infinite Dial”.The Infinite Dial remains the longest-running study of consumer behaviors.

6. Create Evergreen Content

Consider among the 7 Digital Marketing Trends the creation of written content: do-it-yourself articles or evergreen content.

You may ask: What is Evergreen Content? Think about it like the type of content which stays relevant year after year. It stays equally important for readers over a period of time.

An example of the evergreen type of content is creating “how to?” tutorials about any industry your brand has a lot of know-how about.

In our case, we are a digital marketing agency that can create how-to articles for our blog or videos for YouTube.

For instance, the type of how-to articles we create are: How to optimize your website?

Interested in how to segment and target the right target audience?

How to create an SEO keywords list?

Above all, the advantage of using this type of content is that it keeps bringing traffic to your blog year after year. Firstly, start with the customer in mind.

Gather the team around for a brainstorming session.

Create a list of potential topics your customer would read. Secondly, divide the possible topics among team members and each creates pieces of written content.

Further, get the support of a graphic designer and support the written content with a powerful image.

Digital Marketing Needs Search Engine Optimization Content

Meanwhile, go online and read reviews and forums. Do the work to research the pain points of your customers.

Most importantly, create the type of content which is easy to read and understand by a normal person.

Do not use industry language and stay normal in the vocabulary you use.

Normal people do not know digital marketing strategies.

Certainly, we want to educate our public about the latest trends.

However, we would not use language which is difficult to understand by a normal user of the internet.

To clarify, when you create evergreen content think about a normal customer. Use normal language and short sentences. Use graphic design and videos to prove the point you try to make. Help your customer understand your content.

Create something that people like to come over again and again to read.

If you are not good at it, then you better hire a  Digital Marketing Agency which specializes in SEO, content creation, and social media strategies.

7. Content marketing

Websites and blogs need content marketing to be noticed by Google. Content Marketing helps clients get a higher authority and rank on google.

Creating interesting content which can drive organic traffic is a science. SEO experts understand that content marketing is a key element in increasing a website’s visibility.

Set Goals for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Setting tangible Goals is what makes the difference between doing content and doing content marketing. Think about what is the purpose of the content you invest in.

Do you want to grow brand awareness online? OR, do you want to increase sales of your products?

Content marketers analyze competitors and create a solid list of keywords and expressions. They create a piece of written content for each of the words they have on the list.

Search engine optimization happens on-site and off-site. Written content is useful both on-site and off-site.

Follow the Advice of Content Marketing Experts

“Too often, content marketers tell themselves they can’t accurately measure their results, or a tactic isn’t measurable, or they don’t feel comfortable measuring content. These are defeatist statements hanging over your content marketing like a dark cloud.” – Jay Baer, Convince and Convert.

Digital Marketing Agency – Growwwise

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on “7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021”. Consider the topics discussed above. In case there are any questions you may have contact our team today.

Digital marketing trends come and go. It is important to take advantage of the moment and use your energy where it matters.

Our team of professionals is familiar with these techniques.

We create social media content of high quality for brands in any industry. These 7 Digital Marketing Trends are not the only actions you can take to improve your online presence.

Let’s discuss more how you can invest in the growth of your online image.

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