On-page SEO Everything you need to know about
January 13, 2022
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January 15, 2022

Unfortunately, people think that there is nothing to do after creating a website. It’s done and it will be good until the end of time. It’s not like this. A website needs to be taken care of all the time otherwise it will not bring good results. It is worth posting new content, pictures from time to time and, and most important is website maintenance.

Why does website maintenance matter so much?

A lot of business owners think the following. Why pay for maintenance once my site is up and running? What could happen to it? This is usually the first reaction. So let’s see what might happen if you don’t prioritize website maintenance.

  1. Good positioning

Want to keep our ranking well in google searches? A prerequisite for this is a regularly maintained website. What has this got to do with maintenance? The answer is simple. We do different tests, while we keep looking at how fast it is performing. If the values are incorrect or low, we correct it so that you’ll have a good website.

At Growwwise, we always send you detailed reports on everything we do, to keep you always updated! In order to gain more leads and traffic to your website, we think it is crucial to maintain it!

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  1. Safety

Of course, you can do inside the maintenance or choose  wordpress outsourcing. Most of the time should be devoted to this. But what happens if we don’t pay attention to it? Our new, beautiful and successful site is done. Months have passed and one day you wake up and your website has been hacked. What could have happened? For example, you didn’t update your system.

Can we fix it? Sure, but it’s more money and most importantly more time.  The time during which your website doesn’t make money.  And you may also miss a few serious customers. Nobody wants that, right? Just think about how much money you save if you do website maintenance!

Need a specialist? Contact us! User experience is essential these days for a thriving business. So we always try to achieve a user-friendly website making it easier for people to navigate. We also pay attention to the speed of your website. It is not only important for SEO but also for your user experience.

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  1. Linkbuilding

Link building is an important part of SEO. The more quality links pointing to your website, the higher it will get in the search results. For quality, maintained websites is much easier to get natural links than for neglected pages. Others will not link to a website that is neglected on their own website.

  1. Fresh information

The information uploaded to the created website will become outdated over time. If you do not pay attention to updating this information, visitors will come across false information on your website. This will not only be detrimental to them, but also to you, as it will result in missed customers.

Therefore, you must ensure that the information uploaded to your website is always accurate and up-to-date. When maintaining a website, it is a good idea to run through the website to see if there has been a change in any important information since the last update and to correct any inappropriate information.

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When you have a website you need to pay attention to a lot of details in order to gain profit. You need to make sure that your website design is pleasant to the eye. The colors, the layout, the images, all of them must significantly impact the visitors. Because if they like it they will spend more time on it.

Also, you have to make sure its loading time is not slow. Nobody likes slow websites. You also need to pay attention to functionality. To the quality of your content and many other off-page elements. All of this has to work together harmoniously, and must give a great user experience to your visitors!

To think about all of this could be overwhelming, we know! So this is why you must rely on professionals! We’ve worked with numerous businesses from different industries, so we are not afraid of new challenges!