On-page SEO Everything you need to know about

SEO in Romania, the future of your business
January 12, 2022
Website maintenance
January 13, 2022
SEO in Romania, the future of your business
January 12, 2022
Website maintenance
January 13, 2022

We live in the age of search engine optimization. Nowadays, marketing agencies are concerned with trying to get their customers to the first places of search using SEO.

There is a lot of competition. And it can vary from industry to industry how easy or difficult it is to get to the best place. But to make this possible it is necessary to be aware of the concept of On-Page SEO.

What is On-page SEO?

On-Page SEO (also known as On-Site SEO) involves the proper search engine optimization of the content of a website. This includes, for example, images, videos, meta elements, the URL structure, and the textual content itself. There are a lot of different elements.

To be aware of the proper optimization procedures. It may be worth talking about these concepts one by one and how to optimize them exactly. So in the following, we are going to talk about these- page elements.

Before we start, it is important to you to know, that you need a professional for a great SEO service. We believe that research and planning is the most important part in every marketing project. So to gain more traffic and more leads, you need a great strategy. That is why we are here!

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On-page SEO elements

  1. Meta title

This is the text that appears in a clickable format on the Google search results list in blue. And it directs users to our website and content. There is much debate about whether it is important for a search term to appear exactly in the meta title bar. We think it’s very important to have the right search keyword in the meta title bar.

Let’s try it! Type a phrase you like into the search engine and see what the results will be. You will see that there will be a higher proportion of results with a meta title that contains that search term.

How to choose the right keywords for your meta title? You don’t have to worry about it! We will do it for you, that way both you and us can do what we are good at!

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  1. Meta description

The meta description can also be specified in the admin interface of each Content Management System. This should be a meaningful text of about 120 characters, preferably including the keyword. So we will have a better chance of drawing attention to your website.

  1. Pictures

At this time, Google is unable to interpret the content of our images in the same way as we do. Nevertheless, as a ranking factor, it takes into account how many images a website has.

In addition, proper search engine optimization of images can be very important. With a little skill, we can get our images to the top of the results list. We should keep in mind some important steps for search engine optimization.

But you don’t need to know much about these if you hire a professional!

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  1. Loading time

Load time is a very important ranking factor in the eyes of Google. So much so that it has developed a separate metric for website owners that gives a scale value for load time and makes suggestions on how we can improve on the right items. The so-called PageSpeed tool is good for this.

  1. Internal link structure

The internal link structure is very important because it helps our users find their way around. And Google will also be more likely to index all of our content if our website has a proper internal link network.

We listed only five elements, but there are much more. So if you would like to know more about On-site SEO services contact us!

It is worthwhile to do an SEO analysis of your website at certain intervals, going through the elements mentioned above. An on-page SEO audit is not two minutes, but it is worth the time invested. As it is difficult to break the top of the search results without the right content elements.

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