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November 5, 2018
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November 28, 2018

the Search Console

Google search console was previously Google Webmaster Tools. As of May 20, 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. In January 2018, Google introduced the latest version of the Search Console, with considerable changes to help its users.

This tool is a free tool Google offers to webmasters. Basically, the tool allows anyone to check the indexing status of their website. The search console also helps webmasters improve (or optimize) the visibility of their website. All these services are pure gold for anyone who owns a site. In case you are new to Google Search Console we advise you to take the time and understand how it works.


How to use the Search Console?

Firstly, you’ll need to add and verify your site(s) before you can do anything else. This is a protection Google set in place to protect the information about your website. Adding your website in Search Console is going to prove that you are an owner or an authorized user of the site.

That is to say you have to do this personally or to give access to the professional you hire. Most certainly you wouldn’t want anyone to have easy access to this info. Therefore, taking a couple of minutes to verify the site is a small price to pay.

The process is incredible simple. Firstly, log into your Search Console account. Secondly, you must discover the “Add Property” box. Further, enter the URL of the site you’re trying to add in the box and click “Add Property.” Job DONE! Your site is now added to your Search Console account!

What does the Console do?

Depending on your expertise in the field the tool can prove to be of huge help. Why we say that it depends on your level of experience? Well, because you can be amazed by the number of tasks this Search Console does. In case you have a personal blog or a small business presentation website you will be using the tool for the basic needs. The opposite is still applying. In case you run an ecommerce website or bigger online platform, you will be surprised by the usefulness of the Search Console. Probably, if this is the situation you are in, you should work with a professional agency.

Likewise, you can see a video with a simple presentation of what does the Search Console do.

Google Search Console support needed?

Grow Wise offers support in connecting your website to the Search Console. We also offer monthly services of analysis and reports regarding the status of your online platform. We create the content needed for you to fix the missing elements your website needs to become better.

Our team offers professional copy writing services to improve the SEO and the readability score of each of your website’s pages. 

The Google Console – features explained

Firstly, let’s take some of the features of the Search Console one by one and explain them.

These are easy to follow steps. Anyone reading this can apply them without professional help. However, we do advise to contact an expert in the field in case you are operating a small or medium sized company.

  • Lists internal and external pages

The Search Console lists internal and external pages that link to the site.

This is important because any website grows depending on the number of connections it creates with other websites.

For instance, you are paying a professional digital marketing agency to improve the growth of your online platform. Therefore, you would want to use this tool to understand the progress made.

  • Links which are not easy to crawl

An interesting feature of the Search Console is getting the red flags report.

That is to say that you get a list of links which Google robot had difficulty crawling.

Likewise, you get the errors that the Google robot received when accessing the URLs in question.

Once getting access to this list you can start correcting these errors. Your expert is going to get directly in the heart of the problem. As a result, your website will get optimized in no time.

  • Verify the sitemap

Submit and check a sitemap, and helps the webmasters to check if there are any errors with their sitemap.

Certainly, this is an important feature for your online platform.

Google searches your site’s pages and it ranks these pages as well as it ranks your website.

By using a sitemap, you will make it easier for the Google robot to identify your website’s pages.

For instance, the Google sitemaps use a different format than the ordinary format we use for human visitors.

One format is specially designed for the google robot and the other is designed for the human visitors.

Above all, if you work with a digital marketing agency they will create and manage your site’s map.

This site map helps google robots index easier and faster any new content to add to your platform. A new website with a sitemap will make the growth of your site faster and incremental.

  • Check your site’s security issues

In addition to the features present so far there is one more which is important.

You can check the security issues if there are any with the website.

Certainly, you would like to know that your site was hacked or attacked in any way.


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