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How to do keyword research?

Keyword research is the first step in doing search engine optimization. There are many articles on SEO, but not so many about the basic step of researching keywords. Therefore, we dedicated an entire blog post to cover keyword research.

SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Keywords are the signals Google (or other search engines) look for when you search for something.

Certainly, great traffic on the website makes you happy. Most noteworthy, quality traffic comes when we have a quality list of keywords. It is crucial that the people you drive to the website/blog come there because they are genuinely interested in your content.




Speak your audience’s language

To make sure you choose the best keywords to focus on knowing your audience. Seems like a lot of research, but it is worth it. Above all learn to speak and write the way your audience does.

The way your audience writes when searching online will help you discover the perfect keywords. A parent would google something like “educational-strategic games for children”.

Probably their child would google “awesome bloody warrior games”. See the difference?

Create a Keywords List

First of all, remember that keywords are unique for each webpage/blog page.

Therefore, you must create a list of keywords that are for the same topic, but which do not repeat themselves.

When creating content for your blog, consider the topic you want to discuss.

Let’s say you are writing about SEO. Using keywords related to SEO would make google show your articles in the first pages when someone would search for SEO-related topics.

These keywords could be “SEO for beginners”; “SEO tools”; “SEO made easy”; “SEO experts”; “SEO techniques”; “SEO consultant”; “SEO marketing”; “SEO services”; etc. Probably the list can continue with tens of examples.

Where to do the keyword research?

You probably wonder where do SEO experts do their research. You can accomplish your keyword research on a variety of websites. Almost all these websites offer a free-to-use version or a free first 30 days trial.

  1. Google Trends;
  2. Keyword Shitter;
  3. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator;
  4. Answer the Public;
  5. Google Correlate;
  6. Keywords Everywhere;
  7. Wordtracker Scout;
  8. Google Search Console
  9. Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence
  10. Moz Keyword Explorer

Change equals growth

Keyword research is a crucial step in SEO. Practice a wider topic at first and create your list. Get accustomed with the practices and the tools. In no time, you will become a master at creating keyword lists.

Anytime there is a market change you can be up to date by adding the new keywords in the content of your website/blog. Keep an open interest in the trending topics of your industry and your consumers will love to read your updates.

Grow Wise offers SEO services

Keyword research is an important step in optimizing your website’s content. In case you feel the need to consult an expert, we are here to support you. Consider a discussion with our experts and get a quote for the SEO services you may require.

Certainly, you will get the best services and customer service from our digital marketing agency.