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October 20, 2021
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October 27, 2021

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Website SEO optimization Romania

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website for search engines, including Google. Google is one of the most used search engines in Romania. They are aimed at increasing the website’s visibility in organic search results.

Website optimization is one of the key stages of the positioning process. And most often it is where work on improving the visibility of the website begins. Today is very important for a business to be visible on a search engine, not just to have a website. But how to make your website visible?

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What elements are verified and optimized during the SEO process of your website?

Optimization work related to the website, as well as activities outside it, are determined after an SEO audit. Or in other words website analysis. The verification of your competitors’ websites is also a component of the website positioning service. And usually takes place at the very beginning. It is the basis for determining the SEO strategy and planning the work.

During an SEO audit, various tools are used that analyze the on-page and off-page areas and provide information about them. The SEO specialist uses them to verify the elements that need improvement or development. It is based on its experience as well as numerous data and reports concerning your website and competitors.

Their proper interpretation and selection of the right actions are crucial to achieving increased visibility in organic search engine results. We made a list below with a few elements and areas analyzed before optimizing a website.

Elements analyzed before SEO optimization Romania on your website:

Link profile: This is not an element strictly related to the optimization of the website itself (the on-page area). But a careful analysis of the links leading to your page and competitors’ websites will allow you to properly plan your search engine positioning strategy.

After verifying the condition of your domain, the number, and quality of links leading to it. And also, the current positions for selected keywords in Google, we start working. We start assigning phrases to current and new pages on the website, preparing a content strategy, and more. Choose us for a properly planned link profile!

Headline optimization: During the website audit, our SEO Specialist verifies the hx header structure. Analyzes the deficiencies, abuses in the number and content of the headlines. Headers are one of the most important elements to indicate the topic of the page.

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Content marketing: The main element of optimization in the positioning process is properly prepared and edited content. They ensure the value of the website and the subsequent increase in the website’s visibility in organic search results. Therefore, content verification and development are a priority in SEO activities.

Identifying internal and external duplicates, eliminating them and appropriate redrafting of new content create the basis for further work on the visibility of the website. If the subject matter allows, the content is very often supplemented with elements. Such as graphics, data in tabular form, links to other thematic pages or examples of the offer, etc.

The placement of the text on the website is also important so that it helps in positioning and at the same time does not interfere with the functionality of the website. Our SEO specialist implements the content in such a way as to obtain the desired effect for both SEO and business.

If you are curious about the other elements that are optimized by us during our SEO services, contact us!