What is an SEO Company? How can they help?

What do SEO professional services do? Is SEO worth your money?
July 24, 2021
Marketing agency and its role in business development
August 1, 2021
What do SEO professional services do? Is SEO worth your money?
July 24, 2021
Marketing agency and its role in business development
August 1, 2021

Any online marketing agency, given market trends and technological development, includes SEO services. Some of these agencies specialize in over 80%. Then we are talking about an SEO company. Due to the increased competition between companies and the need for their existence in the online environment, a stand-alone market has emerged.

SEO company – market size

This market, according to specialists, has an annual increase of 9.7% per year, and last year it reached 47 billion dollars. This year, the growth is estimated to be 19% higher, somewhere around $ 77 billion. In 2022, the value will reach 292.69 billion dollars.

There is an annual report that considers the evaluation of these services – of the countries that provide these services. It considers the number of companies, the quality of services, and other indicators. Among these countries, we also rank, Romania, but also others such as China, Austria, France, Australia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, etc. In addition, another 46 countries are being analyzed.

This market is segmented according to the typology of economic agents (agencies and freelancers). Another criterion is the size of the organization and depending on the nature of the industry, the activity.

Companies that use the specialized services of an online marketing agency spent about 47 billion dollars on them last year.

Online marketing agency and SEO services

These services are complex because they involve the use of related: web development and design; content marketing, branding etc. This search engine optimization is a complex process that considers the placement of a site in the first position within the search engines. It is seen as a related part of online marketing and has appeared since 1990, with the apparition of the Internet.

Each online marketing agency aims to achieve specific, measurable, relevant, accessible, and temporal objectives – SMART. This cannot be done without careful planning and creative thinking and research.

Among the steps that such an agency follows is the establishment of an action plan. It must include a process of analyzing the market, determining the destination and the means to reach it. Another step refers to the examination of the targeted site and the identification of the problems to be remedied. Applying the strategy and following its evolution are the last steps, but the most important.

Techniques are chosen by an SEO company

These companies will use a wide range of techniques, all of which can be placed in a certain category from the point of view of professional ethics. These three variants of action are called SEO hats and are: white, gray and black.

The gray variant is the middle variant, the balanced one and provides for those actions of the companies considered at the limit of inequality.  The black ones are the most unfavorable because they resort to fooling the search engines.

There are also anti-black hat measures developed in this regard. The white ones represent the way to play correctly, to respect the rules of the market and of free competition. An SEO company that will use the black hat will be charged or even removed from the search index.

A special program created by Google that is based on a very complex algorithm is called Penguin- lensed in 2012 and updated periodically.


The benefits brought by SEO specialists

These services have become indispensable due to their foldability within different types of companies. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about small, medium or very large companies. All have a single goal, to make a profit and to be a market leader.

Therefore, the benefits are numerous. Among these, we mention the fact that online activities are started through a search engine.

It also generates traffic 24 hours a day, increasing the number of visitors. We can say that it leads to obtaining the desired results in a very short time, but which are long-lasting. When we talk about the field of registered sales, and they increase considerably – having the power to influence customers.

Another series of benefits refer to the knowledge of a company’s brand of potential customers, the increase of reputation. Another key element is the low costs compared to paid advertising, representing a long-term investment.

Nowadays, the services of an SEO company are very popular. But what is search engine optimization and why is it important? SEO means that we want to see our website in a better place in the search engine. This is because it means free and continuous visitors to our website.

What does our SEO company do?

First, we begin our tasks with experience and professional tools. Many people think that search engine optimization is simple, but they have neither the experience nor the right tools to do professional work. We believe that you need high-quality tools for the best results.
In recent years, it has been proven that without search engine optimization there is no real online marketing success. So we need to pay attention to what content we create for our websites. Because the survival of your business may depend on it. The internet creates unlimited possibilities, but only for those who can live with it.
So we are here to offer you this great possibility! We want you to be on top of the search engine results because that is where you belong! So we will help you to achieve that if you choose to work with us! We promise, that we are not going to let you down!


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