SEO Romania
August 23, 2021
The relevance of an SEO agency
September 5, 2021

Given that we live in the century of technology and life, where most economic operations are done online, we are talking about the emergence of the so-called the SEO company. This type of company appeared due to the need for professional services to gain better positions in search results. The market for optimization services has grown significantly, reaching $ 47.6 billion.

The SEO company – an independent market

Globally, there is an annual increase of 9.7% of these services. By 2023, the value will reach about $ 77.6 billion. The countries that register the best ratings for the provision of these services are France, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Egypt, China, etc. There are another 40 countries that are in the top of customer preferences.

Each company also presents other complementary services, such as web development, branding, content writing and copywriting, etc. This range of services is also provided by Romanian companies, over 434 certified online marketing agencies and internationally. 50-80% of SEO services stand out. One of the companies ranked first nationally is Growwwise, which receives several titles or awards.

In our country there is still a surplus demand in relation to the supply which is less than the global margin. However, there is a positive increase, and the number of people working in the SEO company is growing.

What are SEO services

A professional company aims to increase the visibility of a site in the search results of search engines. It represents a complex process that involves the use of a large number of specialists for each stage of this process.

These services have appeared since 1990, with the advent of the Internet or the first sites present in their simplest form. They perform several functions, such as research-development, analysis, control etc.

These allow a good strategic planning of a company that wants to be present for their customers and in the online environment and to develop various relationships on the net. Like any good planning, we must refer to certain stages that any specialist follows.

A first step refers to the initiation of a thorough research of the competition and search tendencies – the use of relevant keywords for each client. It follows the examination of a site, the establishment and implementation of a strategy and the highlighting of reports.

The two courses of action of the SEO company

The SEO services market is a market with perfect competition, it allows the entry of new companies in this field. We are talking about the transparency of the actions taken by specialists – that is, the method of white hats. This method only considers ethical actions that do not harm others based on unfair competition – ‘’do not dig the neighbor’s pit’’.

The second method refers to ways considered illegal or unethical in order to attract users and a better position in search engines. For example, the search engine sees something and the user sees something else. One of the most used black methods is the use of spam – sending to other pages.

Search engines have over 300 algorithms to calculate the level of optimization and its accuracy. Thus, anti-black hat policies are elaborated that have in view the elimination of these sites- the Penguin program launched in 2012.

The benefits of a specialized company

The benefits are numerous, one thing that certifies this is the extent of such services required on the market. Such a promotion can make your business go beyond the point of launch and growth, maturity in a new phase. It is about transforming the decline into a stage of innovation, of originality.

A first benefit is to increase the visibility of a site, representing a competitive advantage not to be missed in the online environment. It also leads to the establishment of a brand and a credible and transparent image of a company. Through SEO, a rebranding action can be done.

Their use is a long-term investment, so the money invested in these services recovers quickly. There is an increase in the number of relationships and business opportunities. These companies are important, they are distinguished by a simple marketing department. The choice of such a company is made after a careful analysis of the bidders.