E-commerce built in WooCommerce from scratch.

A website design for neo interiors.

Resources involved

Ecommerce - from zero to hero   We launched this project from zero , now , after 9 months it is on the first page of Google for many competitive KeyWords

Initially, we conducted an SEO audit to understand what our target audience was looking for online. Based on these insights, we implemented a successful SEO strategy that led to achieving more than 4,000 organic clicks per month.

A screenshot of a google analytics dashboard.

180 words top 3 on first page of Google in 9 months

A graph showing the growth of organic search traffic.

Top 3 positions for key words with high search volumes

In a highly competitive market, we successfully elevated this new e-commerce platform to the top rankings on Google.

Utilizing a combination of keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and strategic backlinking, we were able to outperform competitors and secure a dominant online presence.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the saturated marketplace, filled with businesses vying for the same customer attention.

A screenshot of a google search page showing organic keywords.

We outperformed competitors, including Emag, Romania's top-selling platform
in only 9 months

A google search page with a picture of a chandelier.

Services offered by our agency

SEO Audit

Web Design

A graph showing the performance of a website.

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