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October 24, 2021
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November 1, 2021

Why do you need a branding agency in Romania? Every company or product belongs to a brand. The difference between market players is whether they consciously strive to build a brand. Many people tend to confuse the concept of branding with marketing. However, this idea carries several stumbling blocks.
For a business to be successful, the funds need to be laid first. And then can come the marketing part.

What is branding from a branding agency perspective?

Before defining brand building, it is worth getting to know the concept of a brand. The most known definition is: A brand is a name, phrase, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these. The task of a brand is to distinguish a product/service from the competitors available in the market.
A good brand is suitable for identifying and differentiating a product or seller. The brand includes the image (the slogan, logo, and all other elements). But it also includes any image associations that stakeholders think about the product, service, company.

A company has a brand even if it does not follow a conscious branding strategy. Everything that customers, employees, suppliers, and partners think of the company is part of the brand. The question is whether the company is consciously able to influence the image association? Or it is a coincidence that the brand grows or declines.

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Brand building is a conscious process designed to give meaning to a brand. The goal of brand building is to make our brand easily identifiable and give the consumer a reason to choose us from the myriad of competitors. Part of the strategy is to choose values and consciously overcome the emotions of those who hinder shopping.

Your brand should be also a promise to offer a solution to the problems of our stakeholders. And should build loyalty towards your product. Do you feel like your business doesn’t offer solutions to your potential clients? Your customers don’t buy your the second time your product? Or do you feel they don’t trust your company?

That is why you need a branding agency! But don’t worry! Growwwise is here to help you out! We help you personify your business, we communicate its values and principles to the customers. Just like in a friendship. We make your brand to be the best friend of your clients!

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Of course, branding has not only emotional-psychological but also legal (e.g. trademark) and practical aspects (image, appearance, advertising). However, the first step is always to define what makes your brand special and, ultimately what your company values. Without a sense of mission, it is not worth embarking on a business.

If your only goal is to make money, you can easily forget that your economic activity is ultimately also a social mission. The most important goal of companies is to solve customers’ problems. During which, of course, you can also make a profit.

In addition, as an entrepreneur, you also have a responsibility to your employees and suppliers. As a company CEO, you should act correctly. If you strive for the satisfaction of all the people involved in the life of the company. Customers, partners, suppliers, employees are as much a part of the formula as the production of profit.
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Why is a branding agency in Romania important?

1. Branding helps you stand out from even the most saturated markets.
2. Your brand is the foundation of your credibility. Be it a personal or corporate brand, credibility is the key to success!
3. The brand determines the price. It is not enough to offer good products, your brand must also look good. Authentic and strong brands can boldly offer their products more expensive.
4. Customers, employees, and partners are loyal to the brand. If you are credible, your brand is a guarantee of quality for them!
5. The power of rumor. If you consciously build your brand long enough, there will be more and more customers, coming on a recommendation.

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