Top UK SEO Companies

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November 11, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Top UK SEO Companies


Grow Wise offers a list of Top UK SEO Companies for all those interested in search engine optimization. Our digital marketing agency is working for customers from all over the world. We have in house SEO professionals to help your project. Certainly, you are looking for an agency which can master search engine optimization  tools and knowhow.

We know how to audit your platform, research your main competitors and offer an excellent strategy for online growth. Similarly, our professionals know how to create optimized  written content and use the key words and expressions.

We are considering the list of Top UK SEO Companies because we believe in fair play. Some clients need a wide range of agencies to form an opinion and make a choice. We did a selection of the Top UK SEO Companies and we consider ourselves as good of an option as any of the companies listed in the list below.

Top UK SEO Companies

Directive – Search Engine Optimization Company

The first company in the Top UK SEO Companies we choose to consider is Directive. Founded in 2014, this agency enjoys a growing number of customers and positive reviews. Clutch is a highly respected platform of digital marketing agencies. Per Clutch, Directive has the highest number of reviews from customers.

Our decision to recommend Clutch as a digital marketing agency which specializes in SEO comes from research. The company is said to increase organic traffic by 135% in the first six months of working with a client. They also decrease cost per acquisition by 32%, and increase inbound lead volume by 84% – all in the first six months. These are solid reasons they are one of the companies in our Top UK SEO Companies.

Their prices per project start at $5,000+ and depend of the requirements of the project. Our source regarding the prices of Directive comes from the website Clutch. Directive’s portfolio has a wide variety of customers from different industries. To name a few: Cisco, Pelican Products, TimeTrade, Cherwell, Allstate Insurance Company, and SentinelOne.


Novi.Digital – Search Engine Optimization Company

Novi.Digital is the second agency we consider for our Top UK SEO Companies. This agency is an award-winning data-driven digital marketing agency founded in 2009. Among the services they offer you can find research, consultancy, analysis for SEO, PPC and CRO.

They are a transparent agency and they communicate excellently with their customers. Novi.Digital has tons of positive reviews from high performing companies which used their services. In their portfolio, we encounter names such as UK Bathroom Store, MTCS, TBOS, PaperRocket, and Farm Tech.


Bird Marketing – Search Engine Optimization Company

The third company in the Top UK SEO Companies we choose to consider isBird Marketing. Founded in 2010, this agency enjoys a growing number of positive reviews. Based in Essex, Bird Marketing makes the Top UK SEO Companies because of their passion. They focus on their customers and they are dedicated to deliver an exceptional service.

With a clean and simple approach, they win our respect “we stick to what we know and what we are good at!”. Among the services they offer you find SEO, pay per click and web design.

These services offered with professionalism and following best practices at a fair price.

Their prices per project start at $1,000+ and depend on the number of hours your project needs. Our source regarding the prices of Directive comes from the website Clutch.

In the portfolio of Bird Marketing we see companies such as Moda Minx, I Love Fancy Dress, Maze Rattan, Regis Mutual Management, A Oppenheimer & Co, and Capital Computer Care.


Custard– Search Engine Optimization Company

The number four on our Top UK SEO Companies is the Manchester based agency Custard. As they describe themselves, Custard are providers of leading-edge organic search, paid search and paid social services since 2007.

They have an impressive portfolio of clients from different sectors. Companies such as Health Assured, Bunzl, Reproductive Health Group, Glotech Repairs and Lakeland Leather have hired Custard.

To be in the Top UK SEO Companies takes hard work and excellent feedback from customers.

Clutch has achieved exactly these elements. They have found innovative ways to deliver what their clients wanted from them.

Something special Custard does is to work with third party agencies for graphic design and other necessities.

This way they focus on their internal skills, and their customers gets the full package with the help of professional collaborations.

SEO services are a necessity for any online business. Please remember that there are good and bad choices when it comes to search engine optimization.

Certainly, it is an easy to enter market and many take advantages of that fact.

When choosing an agency, read reviews about them.

Also, do your own research online and see if that company has a LinkedIn profile, social media accounts and an excellent optimized website.

One way of researching digital marketing agencies is to verify top rankings.

Such is the list of Top UK SEO Companies we created in this article. These are the top companies in UK.

We recommend them for global companies with a large enough budget. For small and medium companies, consider looking into boutique agencies such as Grow Wise.

Grow Wise digital marketing agency

Grow Wise  is a digital marketing agency which offers a wide variety of services. We are happy to enter projects for small and medium sized companies all over the world.

Consider our  list of services  in case you need a digital marketing agency.

We create the Top UK SEO Companies with the intention of celebrating the best companies in the industry.

Also, our intention is to guide those in need to select from the experts of the field.

It is challenging to identify Top UK SEO Companies when you don’t work in the industry.

Our recommendations come from our team members which are  professionals  with more than fifteen years of experience in marketing, SEO, communication and branding.


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