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August 3, 2018
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How to create a website?

How to create a website?

To be able to create a perfect website, first you must answer the basic question: how to create a website? We mention the basic because many people use tools to automatically create their online platform. Avoid disappointment and use the help of an agency from the start. Why we say this? Well, eventually the automatic template tool you used will crash.

The time and cost to fix the website will be hurting your company’s progress. So, to answer the question “How to create a website?” the answer from our side is : use a reliable agency.

The perfect website exists and it is possible that your brand has one. In order to create the perfect website, you must contact a professional agency.

There are many do-it-yourself solutions on the market which will turn out to be a cost in time, image and budget.

To make sure you save yourself the trouble of going through a website re-design choose wisely from the start and contact an agency. 

Questions to answer when creating the perfect website

A professional web designer will start the planning stage with asking you a set of questions which will clarify what way you plan to use the website and which is the customer profile of the people who you want to visit your website. 

The following questions are a sample of the way the discussion must start: What is the purpose of the website?

Is it a presentation website, or an e-commerce website? Do you want your website’s visitors to get information about your brand, or you desire to increase sales? Who is the target customer?

Who is the client persona who you decided to target with the use of your website?

Different niches of the market communicate differently (in written or visually); therefore, you need a different web design, content design or website structure for a Millennial than you do for a Baby Boomer.

Once you can answer these questions you are ready to proceed and begin planning your website. 

Website work plan

1.Decide on the Purpose of your website

2.Decide on the Audience of your website

3.Decide on the Message your brand transmits

4.Decide on the Content of your website

5.Decide on the Structure of your website to best transmit the message / call to action you want it to transmit

Each of these five stages must be treated with attention and patience. Discuss the stages within the team and create a solid unitary vision for your website.

This is a significant step in the process because many times not all departments are involved into creating the website of the company. From experience we know that the marketing department focuses on different aspects than the finance or creative departments do.

To avoid future challenges, engage representatives from all departments of the company into the discussion. Understand the budget you have available and understand that building a website is not enough for your brand to grow.

You must understand the cost of growing the website and maintaining it.

It is a great resource for your company, but it will require investment on a monthly basis to keep growing and functioning as it is supposed to. 

Decide on the Purpose of your website

As we mentioned before the website can have many different purposes and the better you understand what is it that you need your website to achieve the easier it will be for the web designer to bring it to life. 

In case the website is a presentation of your Personal Brand or your Business Brand, the content and the story behind the brand are crucial focus points.

You will need a strong content planner, powerful visual content (in pictures, graphic design or video design). Also, you will need powerful copy writing content such as a great About Us Page, Testimonial Page, FAQs Page, Mission and Values Page. 

In case the website is meant to sell, it needs to be structured in such a manner that encourages people to take that action once they are on your website.

There is a completely different structure design needed and the work of IT professionals to support the sales channel of your e-commerce website.

You need to track website traffic, to consult the analytics behind the traffic, to understand what sells and to offer security for sensitive information, such as credit card details which people put in when making an online payment. 


How to create a perfect website?

How to create a perfect website?

Decide on the Audience of your website

Each generation shops differently and that is a fact known by many. It is strange that knowing about these different shopping habits of different generations we still encounter template websites which unfortunately look and feel the same. Think about your customers’ needs and demands!

That is the only way to achieve a life-long customer base and that is the only way to achieve authenticity. 

Create a meeting with your professional marketing advisors and write down all the details about your customers:

  • what makes them unique,
  • what do you know about them,
  • how do they communicate,
  • where do they shop,
  • what social channels they prefer,
  • which are their favorite brands,
  • what spending patterns can you outline about these clients,
  • what is the income or the age of your customers?

Are you a local, regional or an international business and do you want to target a specific area? The size of the business will influence the profile of the customer. Does the website need a navigation menu of two or more international languages?

All these questions are going to offer the much-needed information to understand who is your Audience and how to best approach this audience.

Decide on the Message your Website transmits

Any marketing advisor would point out the importance of choosing a message the brand stands for and communicating that message using inspired campaigns and techniques. 

A brand communicates using images, sounds, colors, words or brand ambassadors. The power of communication is only limited by the experience of your creative marketing team. When you think about the message it is crucial to have in mind the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your brand.

What is it that the brand offers to people that no other brand offers in the same way? Who you are, what you do and what is the benefit for the client should be answered in a short sentence to form the UVP.

Create the mission statement and the values the company stands for and integrate them in the About us page and the company’s culture. 

A helpful exercise you can complete with your digital marketing agency is to answer questions such as:

  1. Which are three adjectives to describe how the user should perceive the website?
  2. How do you want people to describe your brand?
  3. Which are some brands from the industry that you admire and hope to be like in the future? 

The reason you identify competitors is not because you are going to model their website and marketing campaigns. The clarity that comes from seeing others trying out strategies is going to serve in decision making for the future of your marketing campaign.

Did you like the type of videos promotions a brand you admire did? Did they get an excellent answer from the public?

These are hints that you like that type of communication and the next step is to discover if your public audience is responding to such marketing techniques or it would be better to hire influencers to promote the brand on channels such as instagram.

Decide on the Content of your website

The website needs to be a representation of the brand image. Clearly you must use the logo, tag line, brochures, collaterals, testimonials and visual representations which go together with the brand image. 

How to create a website? Maintain the brand elements you already used your customers with. Improve these brand elements and bring them to present day style. 

When building a new website the agency you’ll work with will start from designing a brand guideline. After that they apply the guideline on the website. In case there is an existing brand, the agency will use the existing materials to create the rest of the content in a similar manner. 

There is need of written and visual content. Depending on the type of service or products you intend to sell you may need a photo shooting and a graphic designer to work of these visual images.

In the same time, keep in mind that many big brands go for a video to transmit their brand’s message.

Creating a video of presentation and adding the quality work of story telling over it will increase the popularity of the brand and it will serve to promote the company on channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram TV, LinkedIn. 


How to create a website?

How to create a website?

Decide on the Structure of your website to best transmit the message

It can be the presentation of the brand’s mission or a call to action to buy a product / service. No matter what the scope of the website is you must decide on the necessary components the platform will need:

  • Log-in for members,
  • Products presentation by categories and sub-categories,
  • Discounted Services,
  • Information,
  • A map,
  • An online form to Contact Us,
  • Frequently Asked Questions,
  • Events,
  • Search Option,
  • Card payment option,
  • Customer Support window,
  • Shopping basket,
  • Subscribe for the weekly email services,
  • Blog section, etc. 


As we mentioned at the start of this article, there is a perfect website and that is the product of the work of a professional team. A do-it-yourself app or tool will never bring the authenticity and polish your website needs, it will cost you cash and time. How to create a website? The answer is contact an agency and trust the professionals.

To make sure the investment is worth it choose to work with a specialized agency and give your brand the advantage of a solid start in the online world. 

Contact our support team to discuss your special needs and allow us to create a one of a kind performing online platform. Good luck!




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